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Astroscale Removes Space Debris

Advancing On-Orbit Servicing

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The Street Sweepers of Space

Astroscale is advancing space exploration to its next generation — the space sustainability era — and creating a sustainable foundation for growth of the space economy in the process. The company develops innovative and scalable solutions across the spectrum of on-orbit servicing, including life extension, in situ space situational awareness, end of life, and active debris removal. Al Colebourn, Head of Spacecraft Operations at Astroscale, explains the importance of clean space and how Astroscale is tackling the problem.

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“We use various simulators within the phases of mission development and execution. It’s very important that we can test our software on ground and iterate it and develop it this way.” 

Al Colebourn,
Head of Spacecraft Operations at Astroscale

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Space Debris: An Environmental Crisis

Astroscale is developing a global understanding that space is an extension of our environment on Earth and that preserving this environment is critical to the growth of the global space economy. 


Software for Digital Mission Engineering and Systems Analysis

Ansys Systems Tool Kit (STK) provides a physics-based modeling environment for analyzing platforms and payloads in a realistic mission context.

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Digital Mission Engineering

Digital Mission Engineering products enable engineers, operators, and analysts to connect modeling and simulation efforts across all phases of the engineering product life cycle.