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Sunil Patil

Industry Lead, Turbomachinery and Propulsion, Ansys

Sunil leads the turbomachinery and propulsion group in North America. He provides the technical leadership to customer facing engagements, new solution developments and internal product planning. One of the recent focus areas has been Hydrogen Eco-system from its production to storage/transportation, to its end use in Gas Turbines and Fuel Cells.


  • Doctorate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech

Professional Credentials: Sunil is Associate Editor for ASME Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power (2016-Present) and an Organizer of the IGTI Turbo Expo

Joined Ansys: February 2011

Articles by This Author

Realize the Sustainable Promise of Hydrogen Combustion with Simulation

Realize the Sustainable Promise of Hydrogen Combustion with Simulation

Despite its potential as a “golden” fuel or energy carrier, burning hydrogen in engines poses several challenges, including flashback, acoustic instabilities, autoignition and flame holding inside the burner. Engineers can address these challenges with simulation.

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