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As leaders in the critical software verification and validation sector, LDRA consistently helps to advance state-of-the-art software engineering practices, ensuring the delivery of high-quality safety-, security-, and mission-critical systems.

LDRA customers use the LDRA tool suite® to produce safety, security, and mission-critical software in an accelerated, cost effective and requirements driven process. The tool suite provides a continuum of capabilities including requirements traceability, test management, coding standards compliance, code quality review, code coverage analysis, data-flow and control-flow analysis, unit/integration/target testing, and certification and regulatory support.

The tool suite enables safety and security critical software development teams to achieve certification or approval in accordance with rigorous standards in:

• Aerospace and Defense (DO-178B/C, DO-254, DO-278, Def Stan 00-56)

• Automotive (ISO 26262, ISO/SAE 21434, Automotive SPICE)

• Industrial and Energy (IEC 61508, IEC 62443-4-1, IEC 60880, ISO 13849)

• Medical (IEC 62304)

• Rail Transportation (EN 50128)

The core components of the tool suite are available in several configurations that align with common software development needs. A comprehensive set of add-on capabilities are available to tailor the solution for any project.

LDRA Certification Services® (LCS) complement the tool suite and assure certification or qualification in the most stringently regulated development environments. Leveraging industry-specific safety expertise such as FAA Level A Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs) from the aviation sector, LDRA’s Compliance Management System® (LCMS) provides a documented case study, process checklists and packaged certification. LDRA software tools and services deliver increased developer productivity and software quality while reducing overall project schedule and cost.