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Academic High-Performance Computing

High-performance computing (HPC) is an important consideration for academia. Complex research projects often involve simulating large assemblies, or even entire systems, which demand considerable computational resources when rapid results are required. The widespread availability of multicore processors, even in laptops, allows for impressive performance gains for medium- to large-numerical problem sizes. The Ansys Academic products meet these HPC requirements by providing two levels of HPC:

  • Built-in HPC: For Teaching, Research and Associate licenses HPC capability is built into each task of the Academic base licenses. This is both shared and distributed memory HPC capability for up to 4 cores, plus GPU access is enabled for Ansys Mechanical, Fluent and Electronics solvers. For bundles including Research and Associate products there are 12 additional cores per license provided to be used across these two products.
  • Add-on HPC: For Research and Associate licenses, the HPC capability can be extended by purchasing additional Ansys Academic HPC licenses. For most physics solvers, the shared and distributed memory HPC and GPU capability can be extended. 

All Ansys Academic Research and Ansys Academic Associate products can extend their built-in HPC capability with add-on HPC licenses. Ansys Academic Teaching products may not extend their built-in HPC capability. There are four types of add-on HPC product licenses:

Add-on Academic HPC Product
(per core & workgroup)

Extends the built-in HPC of the following base product(s)

Ansys Academic Associate HPC

Ansys Academic Associate

Ansys Academic Associate CFD

Ansys Academic Research HPC

Ansys Academic Research

Ansys Academic Research CFD

Ansys Academic Research Mechanical

Ansys Academic Research Autodyn

Ansys Academic Associate Electronics HPC

Ansys Academic Associate EM

Ansys Academic Associate HF

Ansys Academic Research Electronics HPC

Ansys Academic Research EM

Ansys Academic Research HF

One task of Ansys Academic Research/Associate HPC extends the base HPC ability of any one of the solvers that supports HPC contained in the base product (see built-in HPC section for more details of which HPC methods are available for each solver). Each task adds another core.

Both SMP, DMP and domain decomposition methods are extended to additional cores by the add-on HPC academic products. Please see the built-in HPC section above for specifics about which bundled solvers support which type of HPC.

For the structural, thermal and fluids academic products, the add-on HPC licenses can be used to extend the GPU capability provided by the built-in HPC tasks. Each add-on HPC license (task) can be used to access either a CPU core or a GPU card/slot.

Category & Product NameHas Built in HPC?Can use add-on Academic HPC licenses?Can use add-on Academic Electronics HPC licenses? 
Academic Multiphysics Campus Solutions 
Ansys Academic Multiphysics Campus SolutionYESYESYES
Academic Associate 
Mechanical and Fluids   
Ansys Academic Associate Mechanical and CFDYESYESN/A
Ansys Academic Associate CFDYESYESN/A
Ansys Academic Associate Electronics SuiteYESN/AYES
Ansys Academic Associate HFYESN/AYES
Ansys Academic Associate EMYESN/AYES
Ansys Academic Associate RedHawkNON/ANO
Ansys Academic Associate PowerArtistNON/ANO
Academic Research 
Mechanical and Fluids   
Ansys Academic Research Mechanical and CFDYESYESN/A
Ansys Academic Research MechanicalYESYESN/A
Ansys Academic Research CFDYESYESN/A
Ansys Academic Research LS-DYNANONO1N/A
Ansys Academic Research Electronics SuiteYESN/AYES
Ansys Academic Research HFYESN/AYES
Ansys Academic Research EMYESN/AYES
Ansys Academic Research RedHawkNON/ANO
Ansys Academic Research PowerArtistNON/ANO
Academic Teaching1 
Mechanical and Fluids   
Ansys Academic Teaching Mechanical and CFDYESNON/A
Ansys Academic Teaching MechanicalYESNON/A
Ansys Academic Teaching CFDYESNON/A
Ansys Academic Teaching Electronics SuiteYESN/ANO
Ansys Academic Teaching HFYESN/ANO
Ansys Academic Teaching EMYESN/ANO
Ansys Academic Teaching RedHawkNON/ANO
Ansys Academic Teaching PowerArtistNON/ANO
Academic Toolbox 
Ansys Academic Pre-Processing ToolsNON/AN/A
Ansys Academic EKM SharedNON/AN/A

Table Notes:

1. Ansys Academic Research LS-DYNA can add HPC capability with the Ansys Academic Research LS-DYNA HPC product.

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