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SIMTEC Software and Services SA

SIMTEC is the leading certified channel partner of Ansys in Southeast Europe, offering advanced technical software and innovative, Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) services through offices located in Athens, Thessaloniki, Ljubljana, and Zagreb. For 20+ years, SIMTEC has been serving a wide range of industrial, research and academic organizations, as the reference point for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Structures Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Electronics and Multiphysics simulation in Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Greece, Cyprus, and other countries in this region.

Many world-class products that are engineered in Southeast Europe today, are employing Ansys Simulation Software and Services provided by SIMTEC. SIMTEC’s technical support is a key component in the success stories of its customers, who are assisted to swiftly overcome any technical obstacles and effectively streamline research and development workflows.

SIMTEC organizes annual high-tech events such as simulation workshops and webinars, introductory and advanced hands-on training seminars, and user group meetings. Additionally, SIMTEC offers high-value consulting services in the fields of CFD, FEA and Electronics simulation, complementing the services portfolio provided by its experts.

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