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SIMTEC Software and Services SA

SIMTEC Software & Services SA offers advanced technical software and innovative, high-added-value, Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) services. It serves a wide range of industrial, research and academic clients in South-Eastern Europe. As the sole Ansys Certified Channel Partner in this region, it is a reference point for over 15 years in the areas of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Structures Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Electronics simulation software.

Roadmap to Success

SIMTEC offers technical software solutions since 2001, when it was established in Thessaloniki, Greece. Back then, only few industrial companies utilized simulation tools to aid their design process. Creating and validating the virtual prototype of a product had been perceived as an excessive luxury. Throughout the last 15 years, SIMTEC engineers assisted on converting this perception to today’s view of CAE software as an indispensable tool for design and optimization. SIMTEC now operates in more than 10 countries through 4 locations: Thessaloniki (Greece), Athens (Greece), Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Zagreb (Croatia) [1].

Industries & applications

SIMTEC’s customers are the region’s innovators [2] in the areas of:

  • Aerospace and defense – Military Technical Institute of the Republic of Serbia.
  • Automotive and transportation – Hidria Rotomatika, Kovis.
  • Appliances – BSH Hišni aparati, Frigoglass, Gorenje, ITW Metalflex.
  • HVAC – Danfoss Trata, Lindab IMP Klima.
  • Construction – Alumil, Trimo.
  • Metals – CABLEL Hellenic Cables Group, ELKEME Hellenic Research Centre for Metals, MIV.
  • Electronics – Aviat Networks, E-REON, Integrated Micro-Electronics Bulgaria, KONCAR Electronics and Informatics.
  • Industrial equipment & rotating machinery – Domel, Kolektor Group, Kolektor Turboinstitute, Unior.
  • Marine and offshore – American Bureau of Shipping Piraeus, ALS Marine, Ocean Rig Management, RAPP Zastava, Smed Engineering BH.
  • Power – Kolektor Etra, KONCAR Power Transformers, General Electric Power.

Cutting-Edge Technology Software

SIMTEC is the sole Ansys Certified Channel Partner in SE European region for Fluids (Fluent), Mechanics (Mechanical), Electronics (HFSS, Maxwell), Multiphysics (AIM) and Systems products.

Seminars and On-Site Software Training

SIMTEC has trained more than 420 engineers on CAE software tools. More than 10 introductory or advanced seminars and on-site customer-oriented training events are organized annually in Athens, Belgrade, Ljubljana, Sofia, Thessaloniki, Zagreb and other locations. The annual introductory training plan includes:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics with Ansys Fluent.
  • Finite Element Analysis with Ansys Mechanical.
  • High-Frequency Electronics with Ansys HFSS and SIwave.
  • Low Frequency Electronics with Ansys Maxwell.

Consulting Services and World-Wide Collaborations

SIMTEC’s technical team, having delivered a great amount of RnD projects, has extensive experience in offering consulting services [3]. Furthermore it has contributed to several world-wide collaborations and RnD projects [4].

High-Tech Events and Conferences

SIMTEC organizes regional events that stand out as a confluence of all stake holders throughout SE European scientific ecosystem - industry, research institutes and academia – getting together to discuss current trends on hot topics, new products and innovative design techniques:

  • Ansys Convergence Conferences in Athens [5] and Ljubljana [6].
  • Industry specific workshops.
  • Product-oriented workshops.

Technical Support

SIMTEC is dedicated to offer to industry the competitive edge, by combining state-of-the-art software products and services with superior technical expertise and outstanding customer support. Testimonials from SE Europe’s renowned innovators verify the quality of the provided services [7].

"The collaboration with SIMTECs engineers is highly professional and successful. The support service they are providing is quick and with lots of expertise which has in the past saved us a lot of time and trouble."

– Henri Orbanic, BSH Hišni aparati.

"What we appreciated the most was their ability to provide on demand technical support of high expertise and deliver expected results in time. I would definitely recommend SIMTEC to companies that look for accurate solutions in complex structural and CFD problems."

- Dimitris Chortis, Frigoglass.

"SIMTEC does a great job helping us be more competitive and fast in finding solutions and reducing manufacturing costs. Thanks to them we are able to deal with issues immediately before they become the problems. Highly professional and responsible SIMTEC's engineers allowed us to go above and beyond our customers' expectations…brilliant."

– Željko Glišic, Gorenje.

"SIMTEC provides highly professional support. Their engineers are always ready to provide accurate and fast solution to our problems. They have supported me regarding many different topics and the level of technical expertise they provided was always very high."

- Veselin Pavlov, Integrated Micro Electronics Bulgaria.

Powerful Alliances

SIMTEC is a member of:

  • TechNet Alliance, a Global Network of CAE Experts.
  • Corallia mi-Cluster, a nano-electronics initiative.
  • Greek International Business Association (SEVE).
  • Northern Greece Informatics Association (SEPVE).

Social Responsibility

There is a long tradition and know-how on simulation in the Universities of SE Europe region. SIMTEC envisions a better future for the society through actively supporting both junior and senior scientists all over our region’s academia.

  • We offer software and technical support to student formula groups: Aristotle Racing Team and Aristurtle (Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki), Centaurus Racing Team (Univ. of Thessaly), FESB Racing Team (Univ. of Split), UOP Racing (Univ. of Patras).
  • We actively support academia’s endeavour for computational infrastructure upgrade, by offering and supporting trial licences for high performance computing simulation software.
  • We train students on CFD and FEA with Ansys Fluent and Mechanical.
  • We annually open CFD and FEA engineering positions for students in the framework of universities’ internship programs.

Our Vision

Inspire every engineer in SE Europe, to address cutting-edge technology challenges, by adopting exciting simulation and design tools.

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