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Teaching Materials Selection Across Higher Education

Selecting the right material during design is a critical skill for today’s engineers and designers. This webinar will cover how Ansys supports those teaching materials selection using the Ashby Selection Methodology in their courses with software, teaching resources, and the new Selection Ansys Innovation Courses. 

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About This Webinar

Selecting the right material during design is a critical skill for today's engineers and designers. But it can be challenge when faced with design requirements and the thousands of engineering materials. We at Ansys support the teaching of the Ashby Selection Methodology through our software Ansys Granta EduPack and our teaching resources. Recentl, we have expanded our Ansys Innovation Course offerings for materials to include materials selection. Join us to learn about the methodology , our strategies for AIC development, and how all of this can support teaching materials selection. 

What You Will Learn

  1. Learn the bascis of the Ashby Selection Methodlogy 
  2. Understand how Ansys Granta EduPack can be used to support students using the selection methodology in their school projects
  3. Explore the contents of the new Materials Selection AICs 


Kaitlin Tyler

Claes Fredriksson