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Rocky in Action: Additive Manufacturing (Depowdering)

Get ready to witness cutting-edge innovation with Ansys Optics as we unveil the latest in simulation excellence. The 2024 R2 release is a game-changer, boasting powerful capabilities that turbocharge results, elevate accuracy, and seamlessly integrate with other Ansys products. 


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Revolutionize your Additive Manufacturing (AM) workflow with Ansys Rocky. Learn pre-processing tricks like powder injection setup, equipment motion, and post-processing insights. Explore a depowdering case study and optimize your AM process for efficiency and part design. Take advantage of this opportunity to transform your AM process.

This session is part of Rocky in Action, a series of free webinars that offer a realistic overview of simulation workflow and showcase how easily Ansys Rocky enables DEM simulation and solves real engineering problems. Specialists in simulation and CAE applications present these sessions.

What you will learn


  • How to setup the powder injection in the simulation
  • How to setup the equipment motion for depowdering


  • How to evaluate mass of particles during the process
  • How to evaluate forces from particles collisions on the geometries