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Materials Science and Selection in Higher Education

Materials make up everything, which makes them a critical component for engineers and designers to understand as they go through their studies. We at Ansys support the teaching of materials selection, materials science, and materials engineering within other disciplines.

During this online workshop, you will discover how the new and engaging Ansys Materials resources can analyze materials problems, explore options quickly and easily, and enhance tomorrow’s engineers learning outcomes with real-world design projects. 

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  • [30 mins] Introduction: Materials Science & Engineering and materials selection
    • General introduction
    • Materials Science & Engineering and materials selection overview
    • Teaching and learning resources overview
  • [20 mins] Materials Science and Engineering
  • [10 mins] Break
  • [20 mins] Materials selection and design
  • [30 mins] Materials and sustainability
  • [10 mins] Q&A and discussions 

What You Will Learn

  • Discover what you can do with Granta EduPack, the leading Ansys materials and processes education software
  • Explore hundreds of materials teaching and learning resources with a broad range of formats, topics, and examples 
  • Enhance materials courses across different disciplines with powerful and easy-to-use resources in materials visualization, assessment, and selection at different levels

Who should attend

This online event is for new and experience Ansys Granta EduPack users looking for a refresher and ideas to enhance materials teaching in Materials Science and Engineering, Aerospace, Bioengineering, design, sustainability, and other disciplines with a materials interest.


Claes Fredriksson, Harriet Parnell, Kaitlin Tyler, Alfred Oti, Wen Zhao

materials science