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Intro to Critical Raw Materials to Engineering and Design Students

When defining materials composition during design processes, engineers are expected to balance the choice of materials with supply risk consequences. As an educator, learn how to introduce this topic to students. In this webinar the topic of critical raw materials will be introduced.  

June 6, 2024
11am Eastern


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With the ever-increasing importance of sustainable technologies to bring us closer to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – including engineering applications such as electrification, digital technologies, and lightweight or renewable energy systems – the role of raw materials is pivotal.

Critical raw materials (CRMs) are material groups of high economic importance and supply risk. Different methods for assessing the criticality of raw materials exist, varied in goals and scopes, using various indicators, and depending on the types of risks one aims to avoid. When defining materials composition for optimal properties and performance during design processes, engineers are expected to balance the choice of materials with supply risk consequences. Ansys Granta EduPack can visualize data on elements and CRMs, providing a bigger picture.  

Join this webinar for guidance on how to introduce students to Critical Raw Materials. This topic connects directly to the UN’s sustainable development goal #12, “Responsible consumption and production,” and to various other SDGs, including “Affordable and clean energy,” “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure,” and “Climate action.”

The session will be a joint talk with a highly respected guest speaker from the ESM Foundation. ESM Foundation, in collaboration with Ansys, has contributed to a MOOC on edX in the framework of the European project SusCritMat, “Critical Raw Materials: Managing Resources for a Sustainable Future.” This wealth of experience and knowledge will ensure a high-quality and insightful webinar. 

Teaching sustainable development concepts within engineering courses themed webinar series

This series of teaching webinars is not just about theory, but about practical application. We understand that the urge to act and prepare students to contribute to the UN’s sustainable development goals is growing in academia. Incorporating the skills to design products or solve complex problems, which take into account such frameworks, is not an easy task for traditionally technical knowledge and skills-focused engineering courses. In this webinar series, we will address a selection of sustainable development concepts relevant to engineering practices and look to illustrate their industrial application with Ansys simulation tools. The benefit of visualizing and understanding both – theoretical fundamentals and their applications - will be a common thread in all the sessions, ensuring you can immediately apply what you learn.

Each webinar is independent in terms of content, but we invite you to register for all our sustainability-themed teaching webinars – the series includes:

  • Critical raw materials in design for responsible production and consumption
  • Improving electric motors and generators for electrification
  • Wind turbine design optimization for affordable and clean energy
  • Fluids dynamics for smog tower design to mitigate air pollution

What attendees will learn

  • What critical raw materials are, and their importance in engineering design decisions
  • How to perform a criticality assessment
  • How Ansys Granta EduPack helps to explore material-related risk
  • What educational resources are available for educators to embed in their curriculum

Who should attend

Educators in materials and mechanical engineering, as well as industrial design, are eager to teach the subject of critical raw materials. Additionally, engineers and students interested in these topics will find value in them.


Dr Tatiana Vakhitova and Alessandra Hool