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Dynamic Thermal Management Using AEDT Icepak

The ever-increasing need for faster, smaller, and multi-tasking electronic devices poses a significant thermal management challenge for the processor and the system. Manufacturers need to strike a good balance between hardware-based and software-based thermal management strategies to avoid overdesign and minimize the impact on user experience. Further, using simulations to evaluate thermal control strategies can reduce the prototyping effort and gain valuable insights into product performance.

To address this requirement, we're presenting a customized toolkit to simulate Dynamic Thermal Management (DTM) to gain insights and adaptive strategies to reduce the prototyping effort. In addition to DTM, the temperature-dependent power dissipation of devices is considered for accurate thermal performance prediction.

In this webinar, we'll go through the customized toolkit and demonstrate its use for simulating DTM to accurately predict thermal performance for processors and temporary duty cycle-based power electronics applications.

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What You Will Learn

  • Dynamic thermal management for electronic systems and processors
  • Accurate thermal prediction for power electronic systems
  • Evaluation of the temperature control algorithms for SOC

Who Should Attend

TDesign Engineers, Thermal Simulation Engineers, CFD Engineers


  • Tejas Jeurkar, Application Engineer
  • Nitin Netake, Application Engineer II
Dynamic Thermal Management Using AEDT Icepak