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Diabatix ColdStream and Ansys Fluent: The Software Power Couple

Get generative design and highly detailed simulations for every thermal engineer. Attend this webinar to learn how to use Diabatix ColdStream and Ansys Fluent for thermal simulations.

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About this Webinar

Diabatix ColdStream and Ansys Fluent make the life of thermal engineers much easier. ColdStream is the first commercially available generative design software that makes topology optimization accessible to the public. Thermal engineers only need to spend 5 minutes of their time, and ColdStream returns the optimized, fully manufacturable design to the defined problem.

This past year, Fluent has become even more impressive with the addition of a native GPU solver and PyFluent. These latest additions make the highly detailed simulations run 3.7X faster and simplify interoperability between different platforms.

In this joint webinar, we will illustrate the power of both platforms and their interoperability by unleashing them on an 800V inverter case study.


Pedro Afonso
Niels Verdijck
Lieven Vervecken
Roxane Van Mellaert