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Accelerating Photonic Design with HPC, GPU, and Cloud

Join our upcoming webinar to see how you can accelerate your photonic innovation by leveraging Lumerical simulations with CPU or GPU on HPC and cloud.


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About this Webinar

This webinar will showcase our High-Performance Computing (HPC) capabilities for the Lumerical photonic simulation suite, focusing on FDTD. Lumerical FDTD works seamlessly with in-house compute clusters and cloud computation platforms allowing scientists/engineers to tackle complex design challenges by scaling up.

We'll start with a primer in computer architecture and discuss strategies to efficiently utilize CPU and GPU assets to maximize simulation throughput with rigorous precision.

Next, we will look at how to scale out using parallelization, which can be critical in meeting aggressive deadlines in time/on budget, performing complex statistical analysis, or exploring large design spaces. We'll discuss features for managing these types of workloads through benchmarks and use cases.

Finally, we'll introduce advanced HPC features such as interoperability with other Ansys physics solvers, fault-tolerant/dynamic scheduling, API-based automation/optimization, and containerized job distribution.

What You Will Learn

  • Accelerate Ansys Lumerical FDTD simulations 
  • Leverage computer assets locally and in the cloud to improve throughput
  • Use parallelization features to keep resources occupied efficiently
  • Discover advanced workflows and features for leveraging simulations on HPC and cloud

Who Should Attend

Photonic designers and engineers


Taylor Robertson

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