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3 Steps to Material-Enable CAD, CAE, and PLM

How can you guarantee your engineering team is using the same materials information across your organizations CAD, CAE, and PLM tools? During this webinar we outline how to create a digital thread for your material information to maintain traceability, reduce repeat steps in design and drive innovation. 

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About this Webinar

Creating a Digital Thread for Materials Information Across Product Innovation

Materials are one of the four fundamental factors, together with function, shape, and manufacturing process, in design decisions for every product. This choice profoundly impacts reliability, manufacturability, cost, and environmental impact.

A primary challenge in making the right choice is traceability. How do engineering disciplines collaborate across their existing engineering IT tools like computer-aided design (CAD), simulation (CAE), and product life cycle management (PLM)?

We’ll present the 3 steps to build a digital thread for your material information across your CAD, CAE, and PLM tools. 

What You Will Learn

  • Discover 3 steps to enable materials information available across their CAD, CAE, and PLM tools
  • Learn about traceability to create a materials digital thread
  • See software demonstrations and see material traceability in action

Who Should Attend

Product Engineers, Materials Engineers, IT Management


Freddy Moriniere