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Eliminating the Language Barrier: A Single Tool for Avionics Systems Modeling with AADL, Aligned with the FACE Technical Standard

Today, military organizations are beginning to encourage the adoption of the Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL) by their global suppliers. This system architecture language, which was originally developed in 2004 and is still evolving, is being embraced because of its ability to model both software and hardware components. By modeling systems via AADL, military organizations can understand the cost and performance implications of their avionics system designs at a very early stage, as they bring together components from multiple suppliers. In addition, since 2010, companies supplying avionics systems to military organizations have been challenged to adopt the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Technical Standard, a standard of The Open Group. The widespread adoption of the FACE™ approach has created an environment of software consistency and conformance, making it easy for defense organizations to partner with a wide variety of suppliers. In order to manage the increasing complexity of avionics systems design in this new age of dual compliance with the AADL specification and conformance to the FACE Technical Standard, software engineers need a modeling solution built to address both these industry standards.



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