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Exploring Emergent Behavior in your Mission Simulation 

This webinar will explain how Ansys ModelCenter’s Behavior Execution Engine (BEE) provides a mechanism to incorporate behavioral modeling alongside other simulations. BEE is a simulation execution and integration engine that enables engineers to take the structural and behavioral definitions of systems authored in SysML and execute them with analysis tools best suited to represent the physics and physical systems involved.

To demonstrate this capability, we will use an example UAV scenario to evaluate the UAV’s sensor against an unknown interference source located within our area of interest.

What you will learn 

  • Understand how to incorporate behavioral modeling with other simulations.
  • Learn how BEE takes the structural and behavioral definitions of systems authored in SysML and executes them with analysis tools representing particular physics and physical systems.

Who should attend

Engineers, designers, operators, and analysts involved in digital transformation and MBSE will benefit from this webinar. The attendees will learn how Ansys solutions can connect silos, reduce costs, improve time to market and eliminate risks.


  • John Thompson


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