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Ansys VRXPERIENCE Light Simulation
Engineering-Grade Light Simulation

Ansys VRXPERIENCE Light Simulation combines design and engineering processes into a single, connected workflow for engineering-grade light simulation.


Ansys & Autodesk Illuminate Your Designs

Bridging the Gap Between Design and Engineering

The use of Ansys VRXPERIENCE Light Simulation enables you to combine 3D visualization and virtual prototyping software with physics-based lighting simulation solutions, for interior and exterior lighting. This unique solution empowers you to combine correct optical properties of all materials and light sources with physical ray tracing of light to ensure a fully true-to-life virtual representation. The seamless workflow with Autodesk VRED and VRXPERIENCE Light Simulation allows you to enjoy engineering-grade light simulation.

  • Physically-Based Light Simulation
    Physically-Based Light Simulation
  • Accelerate the Design Decision-Making Process
    Accelerate the Design Decision-Making Process
  • Powerful and Innovative Lighting Systems
    Powerful and Innovative Lighting Systems
  • Bridging the Gap Between Design and Engineering
    Bridging the Gap Between Design and Engineering

Quick Specs

The ease of workflow allows you to create a single data set from a variety of optical subsystem models and optical properties. Ansys VRXPERIENCE Light Simulation allows for the running of Ansys Speos-based ray file simulation compatible with high-performance computing clusters.

  • Import Design & Engineering Data
  • Rendering Optical Light Properties in Autodesk VRED.
  • Easily Identify Lighting Quality Issues
  • Combine Design Data from Autodesk VRED
  • Design and Engineering Collaboration
  • Compatible with High-Performance Computing
  • Ansys Speos-based Ray File Simulation

Ansys Partnership with Autodesk Redefines Vehicle Design

A seamless connection with Autodesk allows Ansys VRXPERIENCE Light Simulation to go engineering-grade for interior and exterior lighting design.

Lighting design is one of the most striking elements of modern automobiles, expressing both an automaker’s brand personality and its artistic aesthetic.

Lighting design has enormous aesthetic and financial implications on the overall design of a vehicle. Studies have shown, for example, that the shape of automotive headlights have a significant impact on the consumer buying decision. As automobile makers look for the latest trends to appeal to consumers, they’ve turned to new interior lighting schemes, from ambient to dynamic lighting, to elevate their models.

But for too long the lighting designers and optical engineers weren’t in the same car, not working with the same toolkit or speaking a common language. Ansys has partnered with Autodesk VRED Professional to simultaneously optimize form and function so your aesthetically forward lighting designs also comply with rigorous safety standards. With this shared data and common workflow, Ansys VRXPERIENCE Light Simulation cuts time and cost from the design-and-verification cycle, while increasing accuracy and product confidence.


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Car Interior 3D Simulation

Vehicle Interior

Learn how Ansys simulation enables the optimization of vehicle interior design, from comfort and noise to the human machine interface.

Vehicle exterior

Vehicle Exterior

Ansys simulation enables you to optimize automotive exteriors by lowering drag, reducing weight and improving fuel efficiency and range.

Car Interior 3D Simulation

Collaborative Workflow Enhances Interior and Exterior Lighting Solutions

A brand-new collaborative solution from industry experts Ansys and Autodesk, called VRXPERIENCE Light Simulation, enables automakers and OEMs to complement their photorealistic visualizations of vehicle interiors and exteriors with highly accurate lighting simulation. This unique solution allows optimization of both form and function in a seamless, connected workflow.

Design iterations and handoffs occur rapidly because designers and engineers stay armed with a common tool set and speak a single language. Design reviews and functional engineering analyses no longer stand at odds with one another, but instead become part of a single process working toward a shared objective.


Key Features

Physically accurate lighting simulation in the design studio empowers you to preserve your design intent while simplifying visualization and simulation processes.

  • Import design & engineering data (optical sub-systems)
  • Leverage a Seamless Workflow
  • A True-to-Life Representation
  • Light Defect Detection

Import engineering data and optical components from Ansys Speos or any other optical engineering software into 3D design models, to accurately render optical light properties in Autodesk VRED.

A seamless workflow combining Autodesk VRED Professional with the physics-based light simulation capabilities of VRXPERIENCE Light Simulation ensures data consistency and places physics-based lighting simulations in the design team’s toolbox.

Visualize future products before production in Autodesk VRED. 

This expedites the development cycle by empowering designers with on-demand optical simulations. By sharing these simulations capabilities with designers, engineers save time by reducing the iteration process, speeding their product’s path to market.


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