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CADFEM India (Elite Channel Partner)

CADFEM India is the Ansys Certified Channel Partner in India. With more than 50 employees, CADFEM India operated in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, and New Delhi. As Ansys Channel Partner we sell all Ansys simulation packages from structural mechanics to fluid dynamics, electromagnetics and system simulation as well as embedded software.

CADFEM India is a member of the CADFEM Group. The members of the CADFEM Group form strategically the most important Channel Partner of Ansys, the world’s largest developer of simulation technology. The members of the CADFEM group have been growing today to 19 companies with more than 500 employees working in 30 different locations in 17 countries worldwide.

Since the inception in 1985, the brand name CADFEM stands for a tight collaboration with Ansys: The distribution and support of the entire Ansys portfolio from structural mechanics to fluid dynamics, electromagnetics and system simulation as well as embedded software. As a vital link between Ansys and its users, CADFEM is also an important impulse generator to bring the customer needs into the product roadmap. With CADFEMs leadership and trendsetting in simulation based engineering, CADFEM is also an important partner for Ansys’ development and for the development of third-party-solutions.

Because software alone cannot guarantee the success of simulation, CADFEM is a system vendor, an engineering provider and an education provider rolled into one. According to our slogan “Simulation is more than Software” we combine products, services and know-how into customized solutions.

Our clients receive everything that is essential for the success of a simulation from a single source: leading software and IT solutions, consulting services, programming, support, engineering and the transfer of knowledge.



CADFEM liaises closely with businesses and research teams, fostering the exchange of the CAE-simulation experience. We supply users and managers with up-to-date information, networks and options for life-long learning.

CADFEM esocaet: The European School of Computer Aided Engineering Technology, esocaet, offers certified education and training, classroom and online seminars, summer school programs and a master of engineering course. They are the ideal launch pad for a successful career in CAE business.

CADFEM Users’ Meeting: For over 30 years, CADFEM and Ansys have been organizing the largest annual specialist conference on numerical simulation in Central Europe: The Ansys Conference & CADFEM Users’ Meeting, which brings together CAE users from many different sectors, attracts more than 800 participants a year.

TechNet Alliance: As a founding member of TechNet Alliance, CADFEM has access to the expertise of over 1,000 CAE experts. This global network consists of over 50 companies in the field of simulation located in more than 20 countries.


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