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DATE: 3/27/2024


Ansys Forms OEM Partnership with SynMatrix to Accelerate RF Filter Design  

Ansys expands its electronics portfolio to streamline RF filter design workflows for wireless communications 

Key Highlights

  • SynMatrix is now integrated with Ansys HFSS™ to reduce design time by over 50% for applications including 5G, aerospace and defense, satellite communications, and radar
  • The joint solution empowers engineers with artificial intelligence (AI)-driven optimization for synthesizing and modeling diverse filter types
  • The workflow supports the entire RF filter development cycle from design and optimization to diagnostics and production tuning​ 

PITTSBURGH, PA, March 27, 2024 – Ansys (NASDAQ: ANSS), today announced a new OEM partnership with SynMatrix to streamline RF filter design workflows for wireless communications applications. SynMatrix develops industry-leading RF filter design and optimization tools that integrate with HFSS electromagnetic simulation. The Ansys SynMatrix Filter software enables accelerated development, helps reduce project risk, and fosters the design exploration of new filter technologies. 

The demand for 5G/6G wireless communications systems is growing exponentially. RF filters are essential for quality systems including satellite communications, radar, and aerospace and defense, but meeting design requirements can be challenging. In the past, RF engineers used complex calculations and multiple software tools to design filters. They then meticulously assembled these filters and physically tested them in a lab.

The SynMatrix partnership simplifies the workflow and reduces the number of software tools throughout the entire development cycle. It automates HFSS integration and AI optimization workflows to reduce design time by over 50%, enabling more design throughput and exploration. The integration automatically generates parameterized HFSS 3D models of common filter types to deliver predictively accurate simulation results. 

An accelerated filter design and simulation workflow from synthesis, automatic 3D modeling in HFSS, to AI-driven optimization

An accelerated filter design and simulation workflow from synthesis, automatic 3D modeling in HFSS, to AI-driven optimization

“SynMatrix and Ansys are all about accelerating R&D times in a cost-effective way,” said David Shin, director of global business development at SynMatrix. “Integrating our RF filter design solution into the Ansys portfolio will help our joint customers future-proof their investments through our low-risk approach. The partnership with Ansys ensures accessibility and reliability and empowers innovative design exploration.”

"MDA is very pleased with the SynMatrix software performance,” said Jean-Daniel Richerd, RF engineering, MDA Space. “Not only is the product robust, but the support is also proactive and efficient. SynMatrix capabilities go beyond quick filter design; they also encompass the development of complex R&D designs with demanding requirements for shape, size, and electrical specifications."

In addition to offering SynMatrix software to industry customers, it is also accessible to students and educators through the Ansys Academic Program and to qualified participants in the Ansys Startup Program.

“We are happy to strengthen our partnership with SynMatrix by offering their world-class filter synthesis software,” said Shane Emswiler, senior vice president of products at Ansys. “The coherence of the SynMatrix-HFSS integration empowers our customers to explore new filter technologies to remain competitive in their rapidly evolving markets. With this partnership, Ansys offers the deepest and broadest set of tools, workflows, and solutions to the RF simulation industry.”

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