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DATE: 10/10/2023

Ansys Congratulates Oracle Red Bull Racing on Historic Championship Season 

Ansys partner Oracle Red Bull Racing clinched Formula 1 Constructors’ and Drivers’ Championships for the second consecutive year

Key Highlights

  • Ansys Innovation Partner Oracle Red Bull Racing won 16 races this season, including the Constructors’ and Drivers’ Championships
  • Ansys software was used to engineer RB19, the fastest car on the grid, improving the vehicle’s aerodynamics and safety 

PITTSBURGH, PA, October 10, 2023 – Ansys (NASDAQ: ANSS) is proud to congratulate Oracle Red Bull Racing on its record-breaking season culminating in clinching the 2023 Formula 1 World Constructors’ and World Drivers’ Championships. The team’s newest car model, RB19, which was designed using Ansys simulation solutions, has notched 16 wins, 24 podiums, and 657 points this season — with five races to go. 

In 2022, Formula 1 reversed its regulation banning ground effect, requiring Oracle Red Bull Racing to make significant design changes to its vehicles’ aerodynamic systems. Instead of focusing solely on the downforce generated above the car, the Oracle Red Bull Racing Team redesigned the car’s floor to improve downforce underneath the car. The team used Ansys Fluent™ to improve RB19’s stability, speed, and grip. 

With Ansys, the team can prepare for each race by evaluating variables, like the course layout, air pressure, and car weighting, so drivers can perform at the highest level. Knowing the car’s physical limits through simulation has helped the Oracle Red Bull Racing team triumph over their opponents. 

See how Oracle Red Bull Racing preps for each course using Ansys engineering simulation software to consider how variables such as the course layout, car weighting, weather conditions, air pressure, and temperature will affect their car’s performance

“The great thing about simulation is that you can put a car in a virtual wind tunnel and look at how the air will move around the shapes without having to physically build anything,” said Morgan Maia, Technical Partnerships Manager at Oracle Red Bull Racing. “With Ansys, we can make decisions faster than ever, and we have greater confidence that the car will replicate the behavior we saw in the virtual wind tunnel on the track; that’s where Ansys gives us the competitive edge as evidenced by our successful season to date.”

Simulation is the key to the development of aerodynamic parts. Data management optimization from Ansys Granta MI™ and virtual safety testing with Ansys LS-DYNA™, empowered the Oracle Red Bull Racing team throughout the season.

“We proudly congratulate our innovation partner, Oracle Red Bull Racing, on their competitive prowess and continued success in the 2023 F1 season,” said Shane Emswiler, senior vice president of product at Ansys. “Ansys multiphysics solutions are a game changer, from the design concept to the moment the wheels touch the track on race day. Together with Oracle Red Bull Racing, we will continue to raise the bar.”

To learn more or watch Oracle Red Bull Racing in action, watch “Building A Champion” of Ansys’ Driven by Simulation.


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