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SCADE Terms and Conditions

  1. Licensee acknowledges and agrees that the SCADE Program(s) are subject to the export laws of France and to the export laws of the European Union, provided however if the SCADE Programs are installed in the US or access to the Programs to Remote Sites outside of the U.S. is being enabled by a Licensee or Licensee Affiliate site within the US, then the use of the aforementioned Programs in such instance shall also be subject to US export laws.

  2. Licensor may provide source code for certain components of the SCADE Program(s), which shall be treated as Program Confidential Information under Section 5. In addition to the terms set forth in this Agreement, such source code shall also be subject to the additional provisions respecting such source code specifically as follows:

    In addition to the Software License Agreement referenced on the License Form incorporating these additional provisions by reference, the following additional terms shall apply to Licensee's use of any component of the Program(s) provided in source code form:

    –SCADE Display KCG : This Program includes the disclosure of the OGLX library's source code. This disclosure is granted for the sole purpose of the compilation of the OGLX library onto the customer required platform, and to include the compiled binary version into its own applications to the exclusion of any other activity.

    –Any other use of that source code requires a specific and formal authorization from Licensor, at Licensor's sole discretion. In no event shall Licensee disclose and/or modify the OGLX library source code without the prior written consent of Licensor.

    –SCADE Architect Advanced Modeler: This Program includes the Papyrus MDT module which is licensed under the Eclipse Public License version 1 under the terms referenced at the Eclipse Official Web Site:

    –SCADE Server Creator for ARINC 661 Compliant system: this Program also includes a server source code referenced "Server Core" which is licensed without any additional usage restriction.

  3. For SCADE Program(s) for which Licensee is current on TECS, if Licensee determines that there is a problem with the SCADE Program(s) that it cannot resolve internally, Licensee shall contact its Channel Partner or Licensor, as applicable. At that time, Licensee will contact the Channel Partner and/or Licensor, as applicable, to inform it of the problem report (“PR”) and will work with the Channel Partner and/or Licensor, as applicable, to help reproduce the problem. From the date on which Licensee and the Channel Partner or Licensor, as applicable, are able to reproduce the problem, the Channel Partner and/or Licensor, as applicable, shall use reasonable commercial efforts to attain an average time to resolution for a PR as follows: (i) within ten (10) working days for all Severity One PRs; and (ii) within thirty (30) calendar days for all Severity Two PRs. A “Severity One PR” is a reported problem with the SCADE Program such that the Licensee is unable to use the SCADE Program that results in a stoppage of all of Licensee’s design or production progress for which such SCADE Program(s) are used. A “Severity Two PR” is a reported problem with the SCADE Program such that the Licensee cannot use some portion of the SCADE Program but is able to continue to work on other aspects of design or production.

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