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May 11, 2020

Introducing VDI and Flexible Licensing on Ansys Cloud

With shelter-in-place orders in effect, those of us lucky enough to work from home have migrated to our dinner tables. This makes it difficult to access all of the work systems needed to be successful.

Ansys users need powerful computational resources to solve, pre- and post-process complex simulations. Not everyone can bring their office workstation home or access taxed VPNs to connect to high-performance computing (HPC) resources.

Engineers can use cloud-based high-performance computing (HPC) to solve simulations without leaving their Ansys desktop interface

One option is Ansys Cloud. It enables users to solve their simulations by accessing cloud-based HPC from within the interface of Ansys Mechanical, Ansys Fluent or Ansys Electronics Desktop.

Traditionally, this setup required the use of computers capable of pre- and post-processing. This means that users still needed access to a powerful workstation. However, the Ansys development team worked tirelessly during the pandemic to integrate virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) into Ansys Cloud. With Ansys VDI technology, any computer with a browser can be turned into a high-powered workstation capable of pre- and post-processing simulations. As a result, users can now benefit from an end-to-end, cloud-based simulation workflow.

Thanks to the new flexible licensing options for Ansys Cloud, VDI and HPC functionality are available to customers with elastic, pre-paid and leased licenses. Users no longer need to use Ansys elastic licensing units (AEUs) to pay for software on Ansys Cloud; they can now bring their own license.

The Benefits to Accessing Simulations Through Ansys Cloud Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Ansys VDI technology enables any computer with an internet connection to gain workstation capabilities and performance via remote desktop protocols (RDPs).

Users can utilize VDI to have a fully interactive session with Ansys technology while bypassing taxed VPN systems.

Ansys Cloud VDI solution running on a local desktop via RDP

This interactivity opens up the ability to perform end-to-end, cloud-based simulation workflows on any computer with a browser.

Additionally, employees will save time on data transfers. Simulations and their results are typically large files — hundreds of gigabytes or larger. So, users aren’t keen on waiting hours to download or upload them between networks at home internet speeds. By accessing a virtual desktop, the data becomes available on the cloud instantly without the need of data transfers.

The benefit of Ansys VDI technology spans beyond the pandemic. Working from home and flexible hours are growing trends. This technology aligns with these trends and helps employees have a better work-life balance while maintaining office efficiency at home.

Work from home initiatives also benefit employers. Companies are no longer limited to a pool of simulation experts that live, or are willing to move, close to brick-and-mortar offices that contain computational resources. Instead, companies can get the best simulation expert for the job who can access a remote desktop from anywhere in the world.

Use Existing Paid-Up or Leased Licenses to Connect to Ansys Cloud

Recently, Ansys Cloud became available on a bring your own license (BYOL) basis.

Ansys Cloud users can now connect to their on-premise license server to authorize their software usage on the Cloud. In other words, users access their existing paid-up or leased licenses to enable the HPC and/or VDI capabilities of the Ansys Cloud.

Though this functionality became invaluable during the lockdown, it will remain pivotal for any employee that continues to work from home or remote locations.

Each company can choose its optimal licensing configuration to access Ansys Cloud.

Additionally, companies can choose the optimal licensing configuration they need to use Ansys software. For instance, they can choose between using on-premise and cloud HPC and then access the software through leased or paid-up licenses. Then when they need more access, they can use AEUs.

To learn more about Ansys Cloud licensing and VDI technology, fill out this form. Or, watch this webinar series.

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