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April 14, 2021

Top Reasons to Attend Simulation World 2021

Simulation World 2021 is the place to share ideas: big ideas like smart cities and new mobility paradigms that advance decarbonization efforts; and the technical details and specific engineering workflow innovations that will enable a bright future. Whether you want to know what tomorrow holds or how, exactly, engineering simulation is enabling it today, there’s something for you at Simulation World 2021.

See Real-World Simulation Applications Today

As every engineer knows, simulation is not just enabling the future. It has a long history of innovation and is being applied to solve today’s most vexing challenges. You don’t even have to wait for Simulation World to officially kickoff on April 20 to see how simulation can expedite your go-to-market time, reduce development costs, and increase product safety and reliability.

The Simulation World Solutions Showcase is live today for registered attendees. You’ll get a sneak peek at how the expansive portfolio of engineering solutions from Ansys and our partners is being used to support the entire lifecycle of simulation. Register to get early access to the Solutions Showcase and you can start customizing your Simulation World agenda to gain access to the conference’s networking features that you can use to interact with other attendees and schedule meetings with exhibitors.

With 200+ sessions and more than 65 hours of simulation-focused ideas and solutions, registering early gives you time to check out our featured speakers, peruse the sessions, preview exhibitor booths and create your own schedule to get the most value out of Simulation World. Register today.

See What’s Really Ahead

The market-disrupting behemoths of electrification, 5G connectivity and mobility are converging to transform … well, everything it seems. You may be feeling a bit bombarded by claims of what the future will mean for product design and development. At Simulation World, you can get some clarity in our “Engineering What’s Ahead” presentations that kickoff the Electrification, 5G Connectivity and Autonomy and Automotive tracks.

These introductory sessions provide perspective on some of the most fast-moving technological innovations today to give context to how simulation is helping engineers overcome critical electrification cost, performance and safety challenges, accelerate the deployment of next-generation communications systems and demonstrate that tomorrow’s autonomous vehicles are safe while accelerating the advanced, software-based functionalities in today’s automobiles.

Register for Simulation World to put the “Engineering What’s Ahead” sessions on your schedule.

Stroll Through a Virtual Smart City at Simulation World

You can get a feel for the future by virtually exploring a smart city to discover how the use of simulation technologies is making the transformation of transportation and mobility possible. You can access a fully interactive Smart City after registering for Simulation World, but here’s a sneak peek at the virtual/augmented reality (VR/AR) experience:

The full experience enables you to immerse yourself in an interactive VR/AR simulation experience as you navigate through a city to discover the pervasive use of simulation in 5G, edge computing, vehicle electrification, autonomous vehicles and digital mission engineering.

Gain insight on what you learn in the virtual smart city by putting the “Decarbonization, Sustainability and Innovations in Transportation and Mobility” session on your Simulation World agenda. The session by Tarun Tejpal, Global Director, Transportation & Mobility at Ansys, explains the societal and economic forces driving what is being called the largest technological transformation in history. In the face of urbanization, population growth and the resulting environmental impact, there is an urgent demand for innovation in decarbonization and sustainability.

Tejpal showcases how simulation enables you to respond to those demands with the next generation of solutions driving disruptive innovation — including improved internal combustion engines, hybrid- and fully-electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cells, additive manufacturing, synthetic fuels and more. You’ll learn how simulation is being used to deliver the transportation and mobility experience of the future for a more sustainable and decarbonized planet.



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