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January 10, 2022

Join us at Photonics West 2022 to Explore the Future of Photonics Design

Join us at Photonics West from January 22-27, 2022 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco. This event brings together photonics solutions, components, instruments, and systems providers from around the world to solve the latest optical transceivers, data center interconnects, integrated photonics, lasers, augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR), autonomous driving, image sensors, and display design problems.

Join Ansys at Photonics West 2022

With the acquisition of Zemax, Ansys is now represented by two booths at Photonics West: Lumerical (#4411) and Zemax (#1843) — which offer an end-to-end optical solution with Ansys Speos when used together. In addition, a broad spectrum of Ansys ecosystem partners will be hosting booths at Photonics West, including LIGENTEC and AIM.

Ecosystem Workflows

This year’s Photonics West will highlight new capabilities and workflows available with the upcoming Ansys 2022 R1 release. These include:

  • Support for process-enabled custom active PIC component design with Lumerical Layer Builder
  • New and improved Lumerical INTERCONNECT
  • Verilog-A photonic model support in Lumerical CML Compiler

A new integration for Virtuoso — a custom-integrated chip design platform — provides a direct bridge to communicate layout data between Virtuoso and Lumerical FDTD/MODE , enabling direct parameter extraction and optimization of p-cells.

Also, a new integration between Ansys Lumerical INTERCONNECT and KLayout  — an open-source mask layout tool — supports a layout-driven design and simulation workflow for photonic integrated circuits.

Lumerical direct bridge chart

An End-to-End Optical Solution with Lumerical, Speos, and Zemax

With the addition of Zemax technologies, Ansys offers customers a comprehensive solution for simulating the behavior of light in complex, innovative products. These range from the microscale with Ansys Lumerical photonics products, to the imaging of the physical world with Zemax, to human vision perception with Ansys Speos. This comprehensive solution enables users to create optimal designs quickly by streamlining the workflow and communication among photonics, optical, mechanical, and manufacturing engineers.

One example of a workflow is the surface model exchange available in the upcoming 2022 R1 release. This interoperability offers BSDF and diffraction grating exchange between Lumerical and Speos, accounting for visual effects with Speos Human Vision. This is particularly useful for applications such as AR/VR systems, CMOS sensor stray light, spectrometers, sensing, point cloud generation, diffusive films for displays, scattering from micro-textured surfaces, and human skin models.

Ansys Lumerical, Zemax, and Speos

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