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DATE: 2020

Winning the Race to Mobility

Sandeep Sovani,
Ph.D., Global Director – Automotive Industry, Ansys

We are at the beginning of a great mobility revolution that is set to transform the way we move ourselves and our goods. Autonomous vehicles are set to make our commutes safer and more productive. Electrification will make vehicles greener. Air taxis will make urban air mobility a reality and shrink hourlong commutes to minutes. Reliable 5G connectivity will enable vast transportation networks of robo-taxis and drones, bringing ubiquitous mobility to all.

The race is on among traditional vehicle manufacturers and disruptive mobility startups to be the first to bring viable autonomous, electric and shared vehicles to market. Automakers worldwide are expected to launch more than 300 new battery-electric vehicle models in the next four years.1 Commercial Level-3 autonomous vehicles are set to go on sale as early as next year.2

It is an exciting time of change and steep challenges. Advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicle makers must demonstrate that their automated driving systems can operate safely in myriad potential driving scenarios and are cybersecure. Electric vehicles must overcome the grand challenges of reducing cost, range anxiety and long charging times. At the same time, the industry must deliver an enhanced, connected customer experience with seamless mobile connectivity that meets ever-more stringent cost, quality, safety and efficiency requirements.

Taking the Lead

The mobility revolution is an existential disruption for the transportation industry. Companies that innovate fast amid uncertainties will emerge as leaders in the mobility industry. Engineering simulation is an innovation accelerator that is key to success in rapidly developing, transformational products like autonomous and electric vehicles.

Ansys delivers technology, processes and people to help businesses rapidly deploy simulation at scale for these new applications. Ansys’ multiphysics, multidisciplinary simulation platform provides comprehensive solutions for vehicles that can be deployed at scale using high-performance computing and the cloud coupled with data management. Ansys’ platform is open and connects with a wide partner ecosystem to seamlessly deliver custom workflows needed by clients. Ansys’ transformational team of solution architects and domain experts delivers technology transfer services, best practices, training and support to help customers rapidly ramp up simulation deployments.

This issue of Ansys Advantage showcases the achievements of several technology companies from around the world that are making outstanding contributions to the ongoing mobility revolution by using Ansys software to rapidly develop groundbreaking technologies.

  • Edge Case Research’s perception robustness testing software is integrated into Ansys SCADE Vision to improve the safety of autonomous vehicles.
  • WaveSense is using Ansys HFSS to develop a system to map the underground features of roads for more precise location verification.
  • With the help of Ansys HFSS simulation, radar and 5G startup Metawave is building a breakthrough radar platform.
  • Teratonix uses Ansys HFSS to develop an antenna and Ansys Electronics Desktop in the design of its impedance-matched rectifier.

For those not involved in mobility, fear not. This issue also shows how Ansys customers are implementing simulation to solve tough problems in industries as varied as chip design, nuclear energy and more.

By helping our customers develop innovative technologies, Ansys is making the world a greener, safer and more connected place for generations to come.

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