Structures that are located offshore are subjected to environmental loading from the effects of waves, currents and wind. The design requirements for these structures can be quite different from traditional land based constructions. Simulating the loading and the effects of these on structural response is a necessary component of the design, and ANSYS provides a range of capabilities that can reproduce the loading conditions and response across a broad range of applications. The choice of solution will vary depending upon the level of detail that is required for a specific application, from simplified models for truss type structures to high fidelity simulations that include all aspects of the fluid loading environment.


  • ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise
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Mechanical Enterprise

Framed structures, typical of fixed offshore oil & gas and wind energy systems, can make use of simplified structural models and hydrodynamic loading, enabling rapid design to recognized regulatory standards worldwide.

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Large floating offshore structures have many design requirements, from structural integrity to development of the systems for keeping the vessel in a fixed location. Personnel safety, environmental and economic considerations have to be taken into account when undertaking this type of design.

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Offshore environmental conditions can become extreme, and the ability to predict the behavior of a vessel under these situations is critical to ensure survivability and long term economic viability.

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