Signal Integrity

ANSYS signal integrity (SI) analysis products are essential for designing high-speed serial channels, parallel buses and complete power delivery systems found in modern high-speed electronic devices. These integrated electromagnetics (EM) and circuit simulation tools predict EMI/EMC, power integrity and SI issues, resulting in optimized system performance prior to build and test.

Design automation features let users:

  • Import designs from popular layout tools.
  • Perform rigorous electromagnetics extraction.
  • Couple to full-circuit simulations.

Many electrical and thermal issues that affect printed circuit boards (PCBs) — electromagnetic interference (EMI), crosstalk, power integrity, overheating, etc. — adversely impact the overall signal integrity of electronic products. These are difficult to predict and expensive to measure. ANSYS tools can mitigate signal integrity problems of high-speed digital systems and improve their reliability and performance for first-pass design success.