Whether designing an electric motor for an electric vehicle that needs to be small, efficient and quiet, or for an industrial application where size and sound are not of major concern, it is critical to simulate electric motors early in the design process. Ansys offers a complete workflow that progresses from design sizing options to detailed electromagnetics and thermal and mechanical analyses of the motor. Coupled electromagnetic-thermal-stress-and vibro-acoustics simulation of the motor using Ansys tools results in a high-fidelity, accurate and robust design that is optimized for performance, cost and efficiency.

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Ansys simulates all stages of the motor design process including:

  • Template-based design, motor sizing with rapid multiphysics analysis on full operating range
  • 2D Finite Element and 3D Finite Element Electromagnetic analysis
  • Thermal management with system cooling optimization
  • Robust design with Noise-Vibration reduction
  • System level simulation (HiL/SiL/MiL) using high fidelity electro-thermal motor modeling

Featured Products

  • Maxwell Electromagnetics Icon

    An EM field solver for electric machines, transformers, actuators and other electromechanical devices. It solves static, frequency-domain, and time-varying electric fields.

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  • Motor-CAD Electromagnetics Icon

    A template-based design tool for fast multiphysics analyses of electric motors across the full torque-speed operating range to optimize their performance, efficiency and size.

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  • Ansys Mechanical Structures Icon

    A suite of finite element analysis (FEA) solutions that provides in-depth analysis of structural and coupled-field behaviors for broad structural analysis needs.

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  • ANSYS Fluent Fluids Icon

    This powerful computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tool delivers fast, accurate results across the widest range of CFD and multiphysics applications. Accomplish more in less time and with less training with the New Fluent Experience.

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