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Ansys Zemax OpticStudio
Optical Workflow & Design Software

Get everything you need to simulate, optimize, and tolerance your optical designs. Design high-confidence virtual prototypes that you can thoroughly analyze before manufacturing.

Achieve on-time, on-budget optical design cycles

Discover new ways to turn innovative ideas into products that shape the world. OpticStudio is the standard for optical, illumination, and laser system design in leading companies throughout the optics industry and at universities around the world.

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    Analyze, optimize, tolerance
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    Leading industry standard
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    Built-in STOP analysis available
A machine manufacturing software

Case Studies

OPTIX JSC Optimizes Product and Design Development

OPTIX JSC Optimizes Product and Design Development

OPTIX JSC has reduced product and design scheme development time and costs, while improving efficiency with less late-stage redesign or errors.

Özyegin University Expands into Light Based Communications Engineering

Özyegin University Expands into Light Based Communications Engineering

Özyegin uses OpticStudio to model and analyze optical channels for better understanding the safety and communications applications of using VLC technologies in vehicular transportation.

Meopta Boosts Productivity with Seamless Ray Tracing in OpticStudio for Semiconductors

Meopta Boosts Productivity with Seamless Ray Tracing in OpticStudio for Semiconductors

The systems Meopta specializesin combine precision optics witha high level of manipulation. As part of the product research anddevelopment services it provides, the company delivers a complete built-to-spec design package, including optomechanical design, measurement, alignment methods, and environmental testing.

LightPath Designs Aspheric Lenses with Help from Ansys OpticStudio

LightPath Designs Aspheric Lenses with Help from Ansys OpticStudio

LightPath creates high-quality, high-performing compact imaging designs that fit within thinner, lighter housings quicklyand cost-effectively. As a vertically integrated business that fuses world-class design and innovative lens fabrication with low-cost manufacturing, LightPath produces a diverse number and range of sophisticated products and solutions within tight time frames.

ELI Beamlines Develops a High-power HAPLS Laser Beam Transport System Using OpticStudio

ELI Beamlines Develops a High-power HAPLS Laser Beam Transport System Using OpticStudio

ELI Beamlines focuses on research into developing short-pulse secondary sources of radiation and particles. Its main objective is to become a truly multidisciplinary, user-oriented multi-petawatt (1015 W+, or one quadrillion) laser infrastructure to support groundbreaking scientific experiments and applications for physics, astrophysics, chemistry, biology, medicine, and materials science. ELI Beamlines supports these objectives using OpticStudio’s efficient, reliable system modeling and beam propagation.

 VividQ introduces Computer-generated Holography to Augmented Reality Devices

Using Zemax, VividQ introduces Computer-generated Holography to Augmented Reality Devices

Holography is no longer the stuff of science fiction. Modern optics allow transposing of complex light patterns into realistic 3D images projected through various devices. This process of engineering light to create 3D projections is computer-generated holography(CGH). The consumer and industrial electronics markets make practical use of CGH and optical design, building devices that can inform, entertain, and keep us safe.

JULY 2023

What's New

With the 2023 R2 release, Ansys Optics continues to deliver innovation to our industry-leading software tools, addressing our customers' needs for state-of-the-art optical design and workflow optimization. Helping our customers save time and money while enabling them to bring products to market faster.

Project Directory Wizard
Project Directory Wizard

This tool allows the user to select the files to copy to the project directory and the ones to load from the Ansys Zemax root folder. The tool provides the ability to include additional project files that contain information about the project.

Optics Launcher and Self-service Trial
Optics Launcher and Self-service Trial

The Optics Launcher is installed with all Optics products in 2023 R2 except OpticsBuilder. Launch all your installed applications or request trial licenses for different products. The Application Gallery contains example simulation projects and provides links to let you set your Ansys licenses.

Rigid Body Motion to Coordinate Break Tool
Rigid Body Motion to Coordinate Break Tool

Component RBMs Tool enables customers to insert Coordinate Breaks into the Lens Data Editor based on rigid-body motion with just a few clicks.

Thermal Analysis & Results
FEA Symmetry Tool

FEA Symmetry Tool significantly speeds up the overall STOP workflow in cases where symmetrical assumptions are used for the FEA simulation. FEA datasets can be mirrored or rotated to cover the optical surface completely before loading into OpticStudio.

Quick Specs

Improve your optics workflow to spend more time validating and adding quality to your designs. Automate workflows with our API. With OpticStudio STAR (Enterprise edition only) quickly analyzes the impacts of structural and thermal loads.

  • Industry-leading optical system design
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use UI
  • Phosphor & fluorescence modeling (Premium)
  • Optimize & tolerance for manufacturability
  • Lasers & fibers
  • Dynamic CAD integrations (Premium)
  • Robust, powerful ray tracing
  • API for customization and automation
  • Stray light analysis
  • STAR-enabled STOP analysis (Enterprise)

Read an OpticStudio Case Study

2023 R2 OpticStudio

“By enhancing its optical design workflow using OpticStudio’s native RCWA algorithm, Vivo boosts productivityto stay innovative and competitive in a fast-moving market.”

View Case Study

Vivo's customers continuously seek new features and improvements that give them the latest and greatest applications for optics technologies. Many of the most impactful recent developments use diffractive optical elements (DOEs), which utilize the wave characteristics of light to achieve new levels of functionality, performance, and miniaturization for camera lenses and augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) equipment.

Designs that include DOE require diffractive optics simulation capabilities beyond those of traditional geometric optics. To achieve these DOE capabilities, Vivo wrote code that implemented the new simulation types needed for testing and tolerancing the DOE-based designs. Vivo remained mindful of the ongoing need to achieve the miniaturization and performance their customers expected. Developing these designs gave Vivo access to valuable new features they could now offer in their cell phone and AR/VR products. Vivo wanted a reliable way of doing this quickly to achieve the time-to-market goals required to maintain a competitive advantage.

Easily Use OpticStudio With Other Ansys Products

Realize the Multiphysics potential of an end-to-end optics portfolio by combining Ansys Zemax OpticStudio with Ansys Lumerical and Ansys Speos. Streamline workflows and communication across photonic, optical, mechanical, and manufacturing engineers.

Microscale component modeling

Optimize the design of photonic components, circuits, and systems at the chip level with waveguides, sensors, and microlenses

CAD Reader Icon
Imaging the physical world

Apply ray tracing analysis, optimization, and optical and mechanical tolerancing via API-driven automation to refine optical designs

Mesh Adaptivity
Simulating human perception

Predict the illumination and optical performance of systems via lighting simulation and integrations into 3D environments


Autonomous Sensor Development

Autonomous Sensor Development

Comprehensive autonomous vehicle sensor simulation capability that includes lidar, radar, and camera design and development.

Autonomous System Validation

Autonomous System Validation

Model-based safety and cybersecurity solutions accelerate autonomous system development and certification.



Rapid and reliable innovation and testing of new cardiovascular medical devices and implants



Featured Webinars

Optical Coupling in PICs & Co-packaged Optics
Simulation and Designs for Optical Coupling in PICs & Co-packaged Optics

Join us for an in-depth presentation on optical coupling simulation methodologies, multi-scale simulation workflows, and the design and optimization of chip-to-chip and chip-to-fiber couplers.

Optimize Your AR Exit Pupil Expander
Designing the Future: Optimize Your AR Exit Pupil Expander with a 2D Grating Out-Coupler

Join our optical experts as they showcase how to address the design and analysis challenges of the AR waveguide optical system, leveraging the most effective methods, solvers, and workflows.

Ansys 2023 R1: Ansys Zemax OpticStudio and OpticsBuilder
Ansys 2023 R2: Ansys Zemax What’s New

Learn about the latest updates and functionality in Ansys Zemax OpticStudio and OpticsBuilder, including the Optics Launcher, a launch pad for your Ansys Optics applications.


optics in healthcare

Diffractive Optics in Healthcare

Learn about the role of diffractive optics in healthcare applications today and where they could support innovative designs in the future.

lidar auto features

The Implications of Flash Lidar for the Consumer Electronics Market

Let's take a look at flash lidar, a subset of lidar technology that's gaining popularity for its unique capabilities — particularly in consumer electronics.

White Paper

Ansys logo on black background

Optimizing Performance in Ultra-Short Throw Projector Design with OpticStudio and OpticsBuilder

This paper walks you through the five stages of an Ansys Zemax-enabled ultra-short throw projector system design and analysis, showing how our integrated tools help reduce the time, required expertise, and risk of errors associated with incorporating optomechanical system analysis into ultra-short throw projector system design.

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