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Corporate Responsibility

Building a better future, together

At Ansys, we are using the power of simulation to help our customers reduce their use of resources while increasing efficiency and productivity.

A power for positive change.

Driving Positive Change

Highlighting our progress across our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives, the Ansys corporate responsibility report sets out our commitment to delivering positive change and long-term value for our stakeholders – our investors, customers, employees, and partners.

The foundation of our ESG program are four pillars:

  • Advancing sustainability through our products – At Ansys, we look for new and better ways to engineer what’s ahead. By focusing on creating new technology and improving current technology, we aim to support our customers in their design of products, including addressing issues related to making their products more efficient, with less waste, and minimizing physical prototyping.
  • Investing in our people and ONE Ansys culture – Our people are at the core of driving product innovation for our customers. We aim to create a culture of belonging and inclusion where everyone can be themselves and thrive as a ONE Ansys team. We’re proud of our expert workforce and its ability to translate creativity and dedication into product innovation and operational excellence.
  • Operating responsibly – We strive to reduce our operations’ environmental and climate impact by measuring, analyzing, and reducing our resource use and emissions. We’re committed to reducing our emissions and have set a goal to reduce our scope 1 and 2 emissions by 15% by 2027 against our 2019 baseline. We promote ethical business practices, data security, and good governance.
  • Collaborating with stakeholders – We continue to engage with our stockholders, investors, customers, employees, communities, and other stakeholders through feedback, engagement surveys, and supporting the communities in which we live and work.

Earth Rescue: Fighting Against Climate Change Using Simulation

As temperatures continue to rise, and severe storms and extreme droughts ravage landscapes, we find ourselves facing one of the greatest challenges of our time. Discover how visionary companies are using simulation today in the fight against climate change.

Earth Rescue Logo

Environmental Sustainability in Focus

The use of simulation by our customers to reduce their own carbon footprint and the footprint of their products is nearly infinite. Here we present a series of use cases illustrating how Ansys simulation creates these product handprint benefits. 

Continental Ansys Enablement Hub

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles promise several societal and environmental benefits, including improving safety, quality of life, and reducing congestion and emissions.

Ansys Handprint Use Case Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

The faster EV technology is brought to market, the sooner the environmental impact is realized, including reducing emissions, improving efficiency, and driving down cost.



Applying simulation methodologies to hydrogen combustion can help the energy and aviation sectors bring more sustainable, low-carbon products to market faster while saving costs.

Ansys ESG Digital Twin Cover Image

Digital Twin

Engineers can use digital twins to monitor and optimize the performance of assets, identify trends in the data, and detect any potential problems before they become critical.


Gas Turbines

Simulation solutions are key to developing more energy-efficient gas turbines, resulting in lower carbon footprints in the power generation and aerospace industries.



Ansys’ range of semiconductor simulation software is expected to influence the equivalent of taking 10 to 11 million internal combustion-powered cars off the road.

Our Culture

At Ansys, we know that changing the world takes vision, skill, and each other. We fuel new ideas, build relationships, and help each other realize our greatest potential in the knowledge that every day is an opportunity to observe, teach, inspire, and be inspired. As One Ansys, we take a leap of certainty … together.

Awards & Recognition

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a group of people crossing a street in front of a bus

Ansys Paves the Way for Safety in Electric Autonomous Vehicle Technology

In the race to net-zero emissions, electric driverless technology presents many exciting possibilities for people, passengers, and the environment.

The Impact of Materials on Sustainability

The Impact of Materials on Sustainability

There can be no doubt that material and process engineering provide important parts of the solution for combatting climate change.


Energizing Highly Sustainable Next-Gen Nuclear Power Plants with Ansys Simulations

The ITER project will demonstrate the feasibility of fusion to generate commercial electricity. If it succeeds, the world may soon harness a practically limitless source of clean energy, offering many of the advantages of traditional fission nuclear plants, but tremendously safer. 

The Heart of Ansys

Ansys Employees drinking Coffee

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

We are committed to creating a community where everyone thrives as ONE Ansys team.


Academics & STEM

We work with thousands of universities around the world to elevate engineering education.


Collaborative Culture

We recognize that the best ideas come from different perspectives and experiences. 

Employees donate their time and give back to their community in celebration of 50 years of Ansys

Community Relations

We are engaged in our communities through everything from fundraisers to building houses.

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