Systems and software life cycle management

ANSYS SCADE LifeCycle embedded software solution provides unique support for application life cycle management. It features requirements traceability via application life cycle management (ALM) tools, traceability from models, configuration and change management, and automatic documentation generation.

SCADE LifeCycle enhances the functionalities of ANSYS SCADE solutions with add-on modules that bridge SCADE solutions and requirement management tools or product life cycle management/application life cycle management (PLM/ALM) tools. With SCADE LifeCycle, all systems and software teams involved in critical applications development can manage and control their design and verification activities across the full life cycle of their SCADE applications.



  • Requirements Traceability

    SCADE Lifecycle provides an integrated traceability analysis solution for safety-critical design processes with SCADE System, SCADE Suite, SCADE Display, SCADE Solutions for ARINC 661 and SCADE Test.

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  • Project Documentation Generation

    SCADE LifeCycle Reporter automates the time-consuming creation of detailed and complete reports from SCADE Suite, SCADE Display, SCADE System and SCADE UA Page Creator for ARINC 661 designs.

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  • Configuration and Version Control

    SCADE LifeCycle Configuration Management Gateway enables integration of SCADE Suite and SCADE Display models in a version and configuration management environment.

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