Ansys GRANTA MI is the leading system for enterprise materials information management.

Create a system that can manage all of your company’s materials knowledge and support business-critical systems such as PLM. Or start small with a project to manage your team’s materials test and analysis data. Watch the video then read below for more details.

Materials information is key to making the right decisions, from research, design and simulation to procurement, manufacturing and quality assurance. But:

  • How accessible is materials information to those across your organization who need it?
  • How controlled is this information — is it accurate, secure, and consistent?
  • How traceable are your processes — can you inspect the materials data behind design decisions?
  • How integrated is your materials information with key engineering systems, such as CAD, CAE and PLM?
  • How are you using materials information to ensure compliance with regulations and avoid risk?

With GRANTA MI you can confidently answer these questions, supported by a single, robust information system that captures all of your materials data, analysis, context and experience and shares it when you need it, where you need it and is integrated into the business processes that need it.


Interacting with advanced property data

granta mi cae

Accessing controlled property data in CAE

An enterprise solution

GRANTA MI is the industry standard software for materials information management. Bring together all of your corporate materials knowledge in one place, combined with an unrivalled library of materials reference data.

We deliver a “gold source” materials information system. Capture, connect and manage proprietary materials information, from test results and analysis through to application experience. Fill in gaps using trusted information from Granta or our expert data partner organizations.

We partner with you to implement GRANTA MI, configure it for your projects and integrate it with your engineering IT, ensuring that your system adapts to changing requirements through regular updates and support.

We enable your engineers, designers and managers to achieve project goals, reduce cost, risk, and time to market and encourage innovation. The result is better, greener, safer products.