Internal Combustion (IC) Engine Simulation Software

Unlike legacy computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tools that solve IC engine problems, Forte rapidly predicts engine ignition and emissions. By incorporating proven ANSYS Chemkin-Pro solver technology — the gold standard for modeling and simulating gas phase and surface chemistry — Forte combines multicomponent fuel models with comprehensive spray dynamics. It delivers greater accuracy without compromising time-to-solution.

  • Automatic mesh generation including solution adaptive mesh refinement and geometry-based adaptive mesh refinement eliminates weeks of effort typically spent on manual mesh preparation.
  • True multicomponent fuel-vaporization models enable a self-consistent representation of the physical spray and the kinetics for accurate prediction of fuel effects.
  • Advanced spray models dramatically reduce grid and time-step dependency when compared to existing approaches. This gives you the ability to track soot particle nucleation, growth, agglomeration and oxidation without a compute-time penalty to predict particle size and number.
  • Integrated post-processing tools, including ANSYS EnSight, enable the quick analysis, visualization and communication of your Forte results.

New: Quickly and Accurately Simulate Positive-Displacement Compressors.

Positive-displacement compressors can be solved in Forte with automated meshing and a refrigerant database with real-gas properties. Compared to established methods for these applications, speed ups of 3-5X have been seen.

Forte’s automated meshing with dynamic mesh refinement on a roots blower.

Parallel performance gains in ANSYS Forte have resulted in a 2X-plus time reduction for full-cycle IC engine simulations, which include spray, chemistry and flame propagation physics.