Test, verify and validate your embedded software

ANSYS SCADE Test is a complete testing environment for requirements validation, as well as test case creation and management. You can automate test case execution both on host and on target, measure coverage and manage test results for any SCADE application.

Test creation and maintenance, together with test execution and coverage analysis, are time-consuming activities. SCADE Test for verification and validation (V&V) provides best-in-class technology in a model-based, cost-effective testing environment, so you can significantly reduce testing efforts.



  • Requirements Validation

    SCADE Test Rapid Prototyper empowers model simulation and enables you to create interactive panels using predefined widgets to interact with the application under test.

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  • Testing Control Software Applications on Host

    SCADE Test provides an interactive and a batch user interface for Control Software Applications developed using SCADE Suite.

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  • Model and Code Coverage Analysis

    SCADE Test extends the development of SCADE Suite applications with coverage measurements of models and of generated code.

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  • Test Execution on Target

    SCADE Test automates the generation of target test harness for COTS tools (IBM Rational® Test RealTime, LDRA TestBed®, Vector Software VectorCAST™).

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  • System-in-the-Loop Testing

    SCADE Test provides a test services API, enabling you to perform software testing in a system-in-the-loop testing environment.

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See how our customers are using our software:

CS Communications

Application Software Verification for Engine Control System by CS Communications

CS Communications chose SCADE products for engine control software design, verification and testing for a new turboprop engine family. By using SCADE tools, they realized a productivity improvement: of 17 percent on HLR cost reduction and a work reduction of 35 percent.

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