Autonomous Engineering

ANSYS offers a comprehensive solution for autonomous vehicles

You can't put a car on the road, a drone in the air or a robot in a warehouse without satisfying the strictest of safety standards. For an autonomous car, for example, this means driving billions of miles — a practical impossibility when time to market is critical. With ANSYS' complete solution for autonomous vehicles, you can put your machine through the required paces in a fraction of the time. Our open and configurable solution integrates high-fidelity physics with closed-loop simulations of real-world driving, flying and maneuvering scenarios to validate functional safety. When there's so much riding on your vehicle's performance, ANSYS ensures you'll anticipate — and avoid — all potential obstacles along the way.

  • SafetyFirst

    Simulating Radars for Autonomous Vehicles

    Read this application brief to learn how ANSYS electromagnetic simulation solutions can help with radar design, sensor–platform integration and virtual road testing.

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  • FastTimeToMarket

    The Road Ahead for Self-Driving Cars

    Find out where the technology is headed. Download this SAE survey of automotive executives.

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  • ProvenLeader

    Fast-Tracking Safe Autonomous Vehicles

    Learn more about our comprehensive solution for autonomous vehicles.

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  • A Comprehensive Solution for Developing Autonomous Vehicles

    A Solution for Developing Autonomous Vehicles

    ANSYS provides solutions for designing and simulating AVs, including lidar and sensors, FuSA and embedded code — all simulated through virtual reality.

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