The Challenge of Turbulence in CFD Simulations

Turbulence modeling is a moving target. As computing power increases, the strategies of turbulence modeling are evolving. Offering optimal turbulence modeling capabilities to CFD users is therefore a continuous process. It goes beyond the simple adoption of published models into a CFD code, but requires knowhow to select, as well as to implement and optimize models for specific application sectors. The ANSYS turbulence modeling team has for years been at the forefront of engineering turbulence modeling. The ANSYS team is strongly engaged in the turbulence community and participates in numerous workshops and conferences. In addition, ANSYS has a close working relationships with the NTS group of Prof. Strelets in St. Petersburg, a team widely recognized as a contributor to advanced modeling concepts. Not only does ANSYS offer the most advanced turbulence models, but ANSYS also provides Best Practice Documents and training material, as well as in-depth support on model selection and usage. All these elements combined, translate into direct advantages for the ANSYS CFD user community and strengthens their ability to meet their design challenges today and in the future.


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