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Kara Gremillion

Senior Director, Product Marketing

Kara leads a team of product marketers at Ansys focused on many of the company's new and emerging technology solutions, including safe systems and software, digital twins, simulation process data management, MBSE, materials, digital mission engineering and cloud. In addition to creating product and solution messaging, her team partners with sales, ACE, corporate and field marketing to explain the power of simulation to a worldwide audience.


  • Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications from Boston University

Professional Credentials: Trained in ABM by ITSMA

Joined Ansys: October 2008

Articles by This Author

NI and Ansys ADAS

NI and Ansys Help Develop Faster and Safer ADAS Technology

Learn how Ansys and NI are enabling accessible, easy-to-use, closed-loop solutions to enhance credibility and ensure confidence in advanced driver-assistance systems.

vehicle sensors

How to Choose the Right Sensors for Autonomous Vehicles

When used together, sensor technologies including camera, lidar, radar, and ultrasonic, give vehicles one complete understanding of the world to navigate safely.

automous vehicle safety

Perception Algorithms Are the Key to Autonomous Vehicles Safety

Test and validate the perception algorithms of autonomous and ADAS systems without manually labeling driving footage.

lane departure

Engineers Demonstrate How to Validate Lane Departure Warning Systems

Simulation outlines how engineers can quickly and safely validate lane departure warning systems against edge cases.

thermal technology

Integrating Thermal Technology Into Simulations to Optimize ADAS

Learn how engineers can use simulation and thermal imaging technologies to improve the safety of ADAS and autonomous systems.

architecture analysis

Create and Analyze System Models Using Architecture Analysis and Design Language

Learn how to use model-based systems engineering using AADL within Ansys SCADE Architect.

vtol aircraft

Autonomous VTOL Design Requires a Systems Simulation Approach

To understand the physics, embedded software and functional safety of autonomous VTOL aircraft, engineers need to use various engineering software solutions within a systems simulation approach.

embedded software

Systems Simulations and Embedded Software Are the Key to Battery Management System Design

Engineers can use ANSYS Twin Builder, ANSYS medini analyze and ANSYS SCADE for BMS design.

embedded software

Combining Embedded Software Development, Reliability and Functional Safety Assessments in One Workflow

Engineers can use Jama Connect, ANSYS SCADE and ANSYS medini analyze to break down the silos between software development, reliability and functional safety teams.

autonomous driving

Award-Winning Solution for Developing Autonomous Driving

Embedded Computing Design awards ANSYS for its autonomous driving development solution at Embedded World.

adas car

Linking Safety Management Software Simplifies ADAS and Autonomous Car Design

Ansys addresses complexity to automotive products with its bidirectional interface between medini analyze safety management software and Jama.

digital twin windmills

Digital Twins: Realizing the Predictive Maintenance Vision

A digital twin is a simulated, virtual model of an actual working product in the field, informed by sensors mounted on the physical product that gather and send back real-time, real-world operating data.

safety first

Safety First for Autonomous Vehicles

When it comes to autonomous driving, safety is imperative. But how can we test this new technology to safeguard both passengers and pedestrians?

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