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October 25, 2019

Create and Analyze System Models Using Architecture Analysis and Design Language

Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL) is becoming a popular method for specifying embedded system models. This popularity was fueled in part by the U.S. Army’s Combat Capabilities Development Command’s (CCDC) recognition of AADL’s focus on embedded systems and virtual integration abilities.

    AADL analysis set up within the ANSYS SCADE Architect. Courtesy of Adventium Labs.

    AADL enables engineers to leverage standards-based analysis tools for model-based systems engineering of cyber-physical systems.

    AADL models facilitate the virtual development, integration and optimization of complex aerospace products at the embedded systems level, which lowers development costs by identifying integration problems early, when the cost of resolving such problems is low.

    However, AADL isn’t the only system model language, so engineers need tools that work seamlessly with other system model languages.

    For instance, engineers might build a system model of a jet engine that includes sub-models supplied by contractors, customers and suppliers. Because these sub-models are from disparate sources, they may be provided in different system model languages.

    Ansys and Adventium Labs teamed up to demonstrate AADL-based analysis capabilities and their interoperability within Ansys SCADE Architect. SCADE Architect provides a graphical modeling environment for AADL and Adventium Labs provides analysis tools driven by AADL’s standard semantics. SCADE Architect’s ability to process various system model languages enables engineers to create models that include components from disparate sources. Where those models describe embedded computing systems, SCADE Architect can bring the power of AADL analysis to bear, in this case using Adventium’s ARINC653 schedule analysis and generation tools.

    Model-Based System Engineering that Is AADL Compatible

    SCADE Architect offers engineers a graphical, model-based system engineering environment that they can use to design highly dependable products. It supports various engineering processes and standards, including:

    • ARP 4754A
    • ISO 26262
    • EN 50126

      A report summarizing systems model checks. Courtesy of Adventium Labs.

      SCADE Architect is also compatible with various system model languages, including:

      • AADL
      • Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) technical standard
      • Systems modeling language (SysML)

      With these capabilities, engineers can seamlessly integrate and analyze models created using these language types. The models can then be tested to ensure the final product meets various engineering standards before moving onto physical prototyping.

      To learn how to analyze AADL models within Ansys SCADE Architect, watch the Adventium Labs video below, or read the white paper: Eliminating the Language Barrier: A Single Tool for Avionics Systems Modeling with AADL, Aligned with the FACE (TM) Technical Standard.

      Adventium Labs video shows how to analyze AADL models within ANSYS SCADE Architect

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