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Optimizing 10 Gbps+ Serial Channel Performance Using New Ansys SIwave Features

This webinar will focus on the latest additions to our signal and power integrity solution set, such as the EMI scanner, the EMI Xplorer, the Crosstalk Scanner and the PI advisor.

We will address how advanced features such as HFSS Regions in SIwave will increase your simulation accuracy and help you verify and sign off on your SI or Pi designs. You will also learn how the same UI can be used to get upfront insight into potential EMI/EMC issues.

If you are a signal or power integrity engineer or manager and need to be up to date with modeling capabilities and solutions, this webinar will address how to:

  • Gain quick and accurate insights into SI/PI/EMI design challenges within one user interface
  • Optimize decoupling capacitor strategy and increase PDN performance
  • Explore how the HFSS Regions capability in SIWave enhances overall simulation accuracy
  • Model a virtual end-to-end, high speed data channel


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