The lifeblood of the Internet of Things (IoT) is the tiny, integrated microelectromechanical systems (MEMs) that sense, control and actuate on the microscale for impact on the macroscale. MEMS devices are complex, and the never-ending requirement to build smaller and more power-efficient devices means that engineers are always challenged to design reliable, high-performance products that beat the competition.

Ansys is the best simulation provider for sensor and actuator MEMS designers. The breadth and depth of Ansys physics can simulate a wide range of sensors and actuators, from RF sensors dependent on electromagnetic fields to gyroscopes dependent on mechanical motion. Piezoelectric devices, which have mechanical and electromagnetic components, can be simulated as well . Next, tightly coupled multiphysics simulations provide high-fidelity analysis of designs and performance. Finally, our long history of working with MEMS designers has created deep in-house expertise, so Ansys developers are acutely aware of the simulation needs of the industry.

Multiphysics MEMS Application - Microelectromechanical Systems