As new materials and methods of manufacturing are being implemented, products are becoming more complex. Products must be lighter and smaller and work harder than ever. Multiphysics simulation lets you explore all the real-world physical interactions a complex product may encounter during use. These interactions can impact product performance, safety and longevity. Fluid forces, thermal effects, structural integrity and electromagnetic radiation can all affect performance. If you isolate these forces and examine them separately, you may not get an accurate prediction of product behavior. Ansys Multiphysics solutions can help you examine these effects in any combination, achieving the highest fidelity solution to eliminate reliability problems and design safe and effective products.

Take Advantage of System Coupling

Ansys System Coupling manages the exchange of data and coordinates independent solver executions between multiple software systems — enabling multiphysics simulations.

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Solutions that fit your needs and experience level
Ansys Multiphysics solutions fit the needs and experience level of your engineering organization — from design engineers performing upfront simulation who need easy-to-use simulation solutions, to advanced analysts performing complex multiphysics studies that require intricate, detailed physical modeling capabilities.

Based on proven solver technology
Multiphysics simulation accuracy is only as good as the individual physical models and numerics. Trusted solver technology from Ansys combined with high-performance computing form the foundation for fast, accurate analysis of all our multiphysics solutions.

Sophisticated multi-solver coupling capabilities
System coupling integrates otherwise independent solvers, managing their interactions and coordinating data exchange to capture the tight physical interactions that impact engineering results. Complex multiphysics problems are straightforward to set up and run with a dedicated, easy-to-use multiphysics System Coupling graphical user interface (GUI).

Multi-objective optimization
Quickly find the best design by combining multiphysics simulation with design optimization, to satisfy all your competing product requirements.


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