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Driving Simulator Powered by SCANeR™

Ansys VRXPERIENCE Driving Simulator Powered By SCANeR™

Simulation Accelerates the Race to Autonomy

Discover an open, scalable and modular virtual driving simulator that enables testing against a variety of objectives and performance requirements. Ansys VRXPERIENCE Driving Simulator Powered by SCANeR™ enables you to assemble scenarios, test software, consider vehicle dynamics and experience sensors within a virtual driving environment. It enables a fully virtual driving lab for analyzing performance results.

  • Simulate Any Driving Scenario
    Simulate Any Driving Scenario
  • MiL, SiL, HiL and DiL Testing
    MiL, SiL, HiL and DiL Testing
  • Select and Customize Vehicles ADAS and Dynamics
    Select and Customize Vehicles ADAS and Dynamics
  • Virtual NCAP Validation
    Virtual NCAP Validation

Quick Specs

VRXPERIENCE Driving Simulator offers an immersive simulated test-drive experience set within a representative world. Perform exhaustive safety assessments to drive millions of virtual miles in days and accelerate development by 1,000x compared to physical road-testing.

  • Basic and Advanced Driving Scenarios
  • MiL Connectivity
  • Records Analysis
  • Advanced Vehicle Dynamics
  • SiL Connectivity
  • Virtual NCAP Tests
  • Environment Creation
  • HiL Connectivity
  • DiL experience

A Foundation for NCAP Leadership

Autonomous automobile digitization requires enhanced technology made possible by Ansys.

VRX Driving sim

We use the results to facilitate post-processing and data visualization for lamp certification, replacing costly and difficult night tests.

—William Jung, CEO, Weldex Corporation

As passenger automobiles become more digitalized and more autonomous, they require a wide range of advanced technologies that include sensors, such as cameras, radar and lidars, as well as embedded software supporting automated control systems. As artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) become ubiquitous — and mandatory across the automobile landscape — the need for advanced technology will only increase.

By mid-2022, many countries in Europe and Asia will require the addition of advanced emergency braking (AEB) systems, intelligent speed assistance (ISA) and other safety features. Ansys has provided a foundation for NCAP leadership in the ever-expanding world of automobiles. 


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Autonomy System Development

Model-based safety and cybersecurity assessments using Ansys simulation help to accelerate autonomous system development and certification.

Electric car lithium battery pack and power connections

Autonomy Planning & Control Validation

Electromagnetic simulation of antenna design and its interaction with the entire system enables you to evaluate antenna placement, EMI/co-site interference and more.


Autonomy Sensors

Ansys provides a comprehensive autonomous vehicle sensor simulation capability that includes lidar, radar and camera design and development.


Ansys VRXPERIENCE Driving Simulator powered by SCANeR

The level of testing and analyzation available in Ansys VRXPERIENCE Driving Simulator powered by SCANeR™ allows you to perform extensive scenario variations, opening up worlds of driving situations in one simulation. You can assess vehicle performance across a range of parameters, tweaking conditions to dial in your design. Through the process, simulate any driving environment and track performance for future analyzation.

Use the information gained to design your digital vehicle — from body type to engine — and to customize your testing situations and make changes along the way. Through it all, save time and money.


Key Features

Recreate all your needed tests, understand multiple scenarios and analyze simulations through Ansys VRXPERIENCE Driving Simulator.

  • Create Your Driving Scenario
  • Design Your Digital Vehicle
  • Perform NCAP Tests
  • MiL/SiL Testing
  • HiL Testing
  • DiL Testing
  • Analyze Test Drive Simulations

Through it all you can benchmark your product’s real-world performance versus virtual test track performance.

You can also choose to connect your custom sub models. Configure any advanced driver assistance system features, including virtual camera, radar, lidar and ultrasonic sensors, while adding in autonomous capabilities. Define and test the robustness of the system.

Save time by running all the tests at once in a virtual environment to challenge the robustness of the developed system.

Assess system performance by varying vehicle dynamics, scenario or model parameters across countless driving scenarios. Compute Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to rate your system.

You can share HiL test data with ADAS suppliers to increase system safety and reliability prior to physical prototyping.

Product Pairings

VRXPERIENCE Driving Simulator Powered By SCANeR™ capabilities can be coupled with:

Ansys VRXPERIENCE Sensors to assemble, test and experience optical sensors within a virtual driving experience.
Ansys VRXPERIENCE Headlamp to harness a fully virtual driving lab for testing lighting systems in a controlled environment.
Ansys SCADE Suite empowers you to design critical embedded systems and software development solutions for engine control systems, emergency braking systems, ADAS and much more.
Together with VRXPERIENCE, Ansys OptiSLang performs critical sensitivity analysis for ADAS testing.


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On Demand Webinar
Ansys On Demand Webinar

Simulation Toolchain for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems / Autonomous Driving Functions

Join us for this free webinar which spotlights how Ansys VRXPERIENCE will help you efficiently and cost-effectively create your ADAS and AV products, expediting their path to market faster than ever. Receive expert tips for implementing your simulation toolchain for ADAS/AVs.

On Demand Webinar
Ansys On Demand Webinar

Speed Development of Safe Autonomous Driving

Join Ansys and AVSimulation for a demonstration of ANSYS VRXPERIENCE Simulator powered by SCANeR™.



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