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Sports Engineering

Winning with Simulation

The margins of victory are measured in fractions of a second. Simulation provides the competitive edge while ensuring the safety of the competitors. 

Gaining a Competitive Edge Through Simulation

From optimizing equipment design and an athlete’s position to innovating new materials and smart, connected technologies, engineering simulation ensures a safe, competitive edge that delivers a winning performance.

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    Aerodynamics & Hydrodynamic Performance
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    Biomechanics of Injuries
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    Structural Performance and Safety
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Simulation Allows Engineers and Athletes to Redefine What's Possible

Engineering Winning Performance

Aerodynamic and Hydrodynamic Performance

Advanced fluid flow simulation combined with human body and equipment dynamics help to dramatically reduce drag and deliver a winning competitive edge.

Biomechanics of Injuries

At extremes of performance, the risk of injury substantially increases. Simulation helps engineers and athletes safely push the boundaries of what is possible and explore how to engineer safety and protection into the equipment they use.

Structural Performance and Safety

Victory is dictated by performance on the day of competition. Equipment must perform without failure, enabling records to be broken and athlete safety ensured.


Simulation solutions from Ansys deliver a winning performance across a wide range of applications and sport disciplines. From enabling more efficient manufacturing of high-performance equipment with improved aerodynamics, weight, materials, safety and protection to the smart, connected technologies that power training and in-race performance.

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Making Winners with Simulation

Building on a long track record in motorsports, engineering simulation is now becoming common across many sporting disciplines. Competitors seek victories determined by increasingly small margins between first and second place. Simulation can provide the competitive advantage to put them over the top.

cycling aerodynamics

Cyclists depend on aerodynamics simulation to improve performance

Simulation can deliver aerodynamic performance improvement from the scale of an individual component to a single cyclist or the entire peloton. Manufacturers can leverage new materials and technologies like additive manufacturing to engineer the lightest, most reliable and safest technology.

sports mma concussion

Sudden Impact: Simulating MMA Head Shots

As the number of head injuries continues to accelerate in mixed martial arts and across many other sports, physicians struggle to accurately diagnose concussions. Using Ansys LS-DYNA, doctors can determine the magnitude and location of brain strains, enabling them to improve concussion treatment.

sailing race

Improve innovation in water sports with fluid structure modeling

From swimming to sailing, only simulation can capture the complex fluid structure interactions that dictate performance levels and enable innovation in materials, manufacturing and control systems.

White Papers

winter sports engineers

Dramatic Changes in Sport: The Contribution of Engineering Simulation

Sports engineers are paying increased attention to how simulation can benefit athletes and equipment manufacturers.

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