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Hybrid and Electric Propulsion for Sustainable Aviation

How commercial aviation companies can advance sustainable propulsion today while pursuing the breakthrough technologies of tomorrow. 

Hybrid and Electric Propulsion

The commercial aviation industry is at the threshold of a decades-long transformation to dramatically improve its environmental sustainability. The success of this quest will largely depend on new, more efficient propulsion systems. 

Unfortunately, current propulsion technologies are insufficient to enable a singular, comprehensive leap to solve the problem.

The answer? Improve sustainability in the short term with advanced hybrid-electric systems while working toward hydrogen-powered and all-electric systems. Digital engineering will be essential to this approach.

In the white paper, we explore three facets of developing hybrid-electric, hydrogen, and all-electric propulsion systems:

  • The drivers behind these systems — why they’re essential and why a multitrack, multitimeline approach is the right one. 

  • The technical challenges facing manufacturers for each type of system, and the price of failing to overcome them.

  • The ways in which Ansys solutions directly enable commercial aviation companies to contend with these challenges.

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Optimizing System Architecture

Hybrid-electric propulsion systems offer an important stopgap between today’s combustion engines and future all-electric and hybrid-hydrogen systems. Advancements in propulsion architecture, including battery systems, control systems, and electrical components, have improved the efficiency of these hybrid systems significantly. This e-book examines challenges and proposes digital engineering solutions regarding:

  • Electric Drivetrain and Systems Integration​
  • Power Electronics and Controls Design​
  • Electric Machine​
  • Energy Storage
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Managing Energy Storage and Distribution

Producing all-electric propulsion systems is a significant long-term goal for the commercial aviation industry, though it will likely be decades before it is achieved for medium- or long-range commercial flight. This e-book examines challenges and proposes digital engineering solutions regarding:​

  • Electric Machine​
  • Energy Storage​
  • Power Electronics and Controls Design​
  • Electric Drivetrain and Systems Integration​
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Optimizing Cryogenic Storage and Distribution

Hydrogen propulsion systems are another promising option in the commercial aviation industry’s quest to improve sustainability. These systems will likely follow hybrid-electric and precede all-electric propulsion systems. This e-book examines challenges and proposes digital engineering solutions regarding: 

  • Cryogenic Storage​
  • Distribution Requirements