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The Road to Innovation is Driven by Simulation

Join us for Driven by Simulation, an exciting new video series that shows how simulation enables the rapid innovation transforming the way we move — on the street, off-road, or at the track. Each episode celebrates breakthrough tech that’s paving the way for safer, faster, cleaner, more connected driving experiences.

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Episode 8: NASCAR Simulates Safety with Next Gen Car

When you have as many as 40 cars tailgating each other at 200 miles per hour for more than 200 laps, it only takes a split second and a single misstep to cause a pile up. Undoubtedly stock car racing is dangerous — which is why NASCAR goes to extremes to ensure drivers walk away safely. Simulation enables the racing organization to continuously evolve its Next Gen vehicle designs to mitigate risk on the track.

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Ansys Driven by Sim Episode 5 - Customers


See the stars of our docuseries: the Ansys customers who are using simulation to drive innovation.

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Share the beauty, brawn, and brillance of the cutting-edge technologies featured in Driven by Simulation.

Ansys Driven by Sim Episode 5

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Check out the scenes captured on the sets of the Ansys Driven by Simulation docuseries.

Ansys Driven by Sim Episode 5

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Join our video crew as they travel the globe for an insider’s view of companies that are Driven by Simulation.