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Streamlining EVs from Design to Operations with Ansys Hybrid Digital Twins

Join this webinar to learn about the different use cases of twin integration with IIoT. Participants will gain insights on AI/ML, twin deployer, COVESA EV powertrain optimization, and more. Ansys experts will also showcase the live demo of this solution.


July 2, 2024
Session #1: 5:30 AM EDT / 11:30 AM CEST / 3 PM IST
Session #2: 11 AM ET / 5 PM CEST / 8:30 PM IST


Session 1

July 2: 5:30 AM EDT / 11:30 AM CEST / 3 PM IST

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Session 2

July 2: 11 AM ET / 5 PM CEST / 8:30 PM IST

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This webinar will demonstrate how to integrate Ansys twin builder models for operational twins and discuss methodologies and best practices for developing models, calibrating them through AI/ML, and integrating them into IoT platforms. 

What attendees will learn

  • IoT Integration for digital twin and use cases
  • Use of AI/ML in digital twin 
  • Introduction to Twin Deployer
  • Use case of EV powertrain optimization 
  • Demonstration 

Who should attend

  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Component manufacturers
  • Engineering service providers
  • Product development engineers, managers 


  • Session 1:  Sameera Damle, Product Sales Executive, Ansys
  • Session 2:  Vitor Lopes, Regional Sales Manager, Ansys
Streamlining EVs with Ansys Digital Twins