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Automated Multiplatform Solution for Photonics System Design

Register now to discover the future of photonic design in our upcoming webinar. Learn how our automated multiplatform photonic solution provides seamless integration, accurate models, and efficient workflows across various platforms. Join us to see how you can unlock the potential of advanced photonic applications.

Tuesday, July 25, 2023


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About this Webinar

Join our upcoming webinar, where we dive deep into our cutting-edge automated multiplatform photonic solution designed to empower photonic PDK developers and system designers with different expertise and simulation needs. We'll showcase how our multiplatform capability allows users to leverage Lumerical CML Compiler to generate accurate and consistent photonic models that seamlessly integrate and run in various circuit simulation platforms, such as Virtuoso for co-simulation or Verilog-A and Lumerical INTERCONNECT. This multiplatform solution also facilitates layout updates and verification via workflows between the Ansys Lumerical multiphysics suite of component-level tools and photonic integrated circuit-level simulation tools with 3rd party layout providers like KLayout or Cadence Virtuoso.

Our automated workflows and seamless multiphysics interoperability support enable a smooth and efficient design process, overcoming challenges associated with designing photonic systems and addressing advanced applications like co-packaged optics. Join us to see the latest advancements in our automated multiplatform photonic CML generation and system modeling capabilities built to accommodate designers' preferred application-specific tools and workflows.

What You Will Learn

  • Why a multiplatform solution is vital for photonic system design
  • Learn about our automated multiplatform PDK development solution
  • Discover our multiplatform photonic system analysis solution
  • See multiphysics modeling solutions for co-packaged optics

Who Should Attend

Photonic component and integrated circuit designers and engineers


Greg Baethge,
Shin-Sung Kim,
Parya Samadian,