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Ansys 2024 R1: Ansys Fluent for Aerospace Applications What’s New

In 2024 R1, there are substantial updates to the Ansys Fluent solver for aerospace applications, including meshing, the virtual blade model (VBM), and high-speed physics models.


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In this presentation we will cover enhancements that have been made to Fluent software for aerospace and defense applications in version 2024 R1. Enhancements this release include:

  • Solver and physics improvements for external aerodynamics and high-speed flight regimes, including improved shock stability models
  • Built-in material flow properties for Mars’ and Venus’ atmospheres and enhanced Earth’s atmosphere material database
  • Extended mesh adaption using PUMA and anisotropic mesh adaption combined with Hessian pre-defined parameters  
  • Improvements to the Fluent Aero Workspace include GUI usability, automated pre-processing for the Virtual Blade Model, updated 3D DBNS solver best practices 
  • The Virtual Blade Model has workflow and post-processing improvements, including additional TUI support and report outputs

Who Should Attend

Fluent software users, Aerospace engineers, Fluids Engineers, CFD Engineers


  • Valerio Viti
  • Henry Vu