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Ansys 2024 R1: Ansys Fluent User Experience and Usability What’s New

In 2024 R1, new usability and user experience improvements to the Ansys Fluent solver include a new Fluent web interface that allows you to launch a light version of Fluent on your web browser, updates to PyFluent, machine learning capabilities, and more.


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This presentation will cover user experience enhancements made to the Fluent Solver in version 2024 R1. Development efforts for this release have focused on software usability improvements, including:

What you will learn

  • New Fluent Web Interface: users can now connect to a light version of Fluent via a web browser for solution controls, monitoring, and post-processing jobs. Calculations can be stopped, paused, and restarted to evaluate real-time simulation results.
  • New Fluent Usability features: enhanced meshing capabilities, colormap enhancements, and realistic rendering feature enhancements.
  • PyFluent Usability updates: an improved workflow interface provides a cleaner and more efficient programming style. New APIs are also available to access and modify volumetric solution data, and usability improvements of field-data APIs are added.
  • Machine Learning (ML) for turbulence modeling tuning: Specific turbulence models using GEKO coefficients can be tuned and optimized using AI/ML to approach LES accuracy at a RANS computational cost.
  • And more

Sign up for the webinar to learn more details about the latest updates to your Fluent software in version 2024 R1. Download the latest version of the software on the Ansys Customer Portal.

Who should attend and why

Fluent software users, CFD engineers, Fluids engineers


  • Harish Kanchi