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Ansys 2023 R2: Ansys Sherlock and Electronics Reliability What’s New

As electronics become more pervasive across numerous industries, understanding reliability and failure risks becomes increasingly important. Attend our 2023 R2 webinar to learn about the latest software updates for electronics reliability simulation and analysis.


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About this Webinar

As electronics become more pervasive throughout many diverse industries, engineers are tasked with solving more complex electronics reliability challenges and increased failure risks due to shock, drop, temperature cycling, and more. Building a high-fidelity simulation model that accurately captures failure and reliability risks before a physical prototype is built has never been more critical.

What You Will Learn

Updates to Ansys Sherlock and multi-physics electronic reliability solutions include:

  • Detailed trace sub-modeling support in Ansys Sherlock 
  • Strain Map Image Import - import strain map images to leverage field and test data for their random vibration studies
  • New Sherlock APIs programmatically define natural frequency and random vibration properties for analyses control batch run
  • Korean Language Support - improves usability in other geographical regions

Who Should Attend

Mechanical engineers, thermal engineers, reliability engineers, PCB Designers


Kelly Morgan

Ansys Motion